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Six months exemption ends in summer
The UK government has confirmed that as of August 1st 2020, all MOT testing classed as mandatory will resume.
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No need for speed
What can fleet operators do to ensure that not only are their drivers behaving and assets are protected, but the public are kept safe from harm as wel...
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Back in business: How to jump start operations post COVID-19
It’s safe to say that walking down a high street or driving through an industrial estate hasn’t felt the same since mid-March. COVID-19 has changed th...
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How Can Fleets Retain Drivers?
The fleet sector is faced with a plethora of challenges at the moment.Most importantly, there’s Brexit and its potential implications – not just in terms of economic growth and consumer demand, but its possible repercussions for cross-border trade in...
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How Brexit Could Affect Fleet Maintenance
With Britain’s departure from the European Union scheduled for March 2019, this is perhaps the main issue currently weighing on the minds of the UK’s fleet managers.The exact economic implications, and the nature of any post-Brexit economic and polit...
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How To Create A Road Safety Policy Using Telematics
There are various important factors which need to be taken into consideration when writing a road safety policy.Your road safety policy will provide a broad framework for dealing with the various risks posed to the wellbeing of your employees while d...
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Diversity: The key to the success of the transport sector
The transport industry is definitely, and quite rightly, changing.In the same way that many fleet managers have embraced the positive change of technology, managers and business owners are also turning their attention to the need for a more dive...
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The EU Customs Union: What Would ‘No Deal’ Mean For Fleet Management?
There are 18 months left to go until Britain formally leaves the European Union.The exact implications of Britain’s departure from the trading bloc – and how the UK’s post-Brexit relationship might look – remain unclear, with negotiations so far prod...
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5 Key Findings From The 2017 Global Construction Benchmark Report
  Navigating the future is no easy task, which is why Teletrac Navman launched an in-depth survey and report on where construction fleets are today and what they think will impact their businesses in the near-term.The 2017 Telematics Benc...
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