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Direct Vision Standard Safe System package


DVS Safe System Package

Ensure your business continues to operate in Greater London

Launching October 26th 2020, with enforcement from March 2021.

The new regulation is part of London Mayors’ “Vision Zero” approach.

Help your business achieve the direct vision standard star rating requirements.

Our DVS Safe System Package:

Complete peace of mind knowing your vehicles' safety is improved, with minimal business disruption or down time.


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The Direct Vision Standard (DVS) is being implemented by Transport for London, and measures how much an HGV driver can see directly through their cab windows. This visibility indicates the level of risk for vulnerable road users such as pedestrians or road cyclists in the drivers' blindspots.
Whilst applying is free of charge, the HGV Safety Permit scheme will cover Greater London and be in operation 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
Greater London
  • Vehicle downtime due to HGVs having to navigate alternative routes
  • Penalty charges whilst in the travel zone of Greater London without a valid permit
  • Business operations being disrupted due to vehicle safety maintenance
  • Dangerous circumstances where drivers are not able to see directly through their cab windows
  • Life threatening collisions with cyclists or pedestrians through vehicle blind spots

What Safe System improvements need to be made to vehicles if rated 0 stars?

  • Side under-run protection (on both sides) 
  • Class V and VI mirrors 
  • Prominent pictorial warning signs 

As well as 3 technology based solutions, available as part of our DVS Safe System package.

  • Blind spot cameras 
  • Close proximity sensors
  • Audible alert for left turning

Rest easy knowing your HGVs over 12 tonnes gross weight are certified as part of London Mayors’ “Vision Zero” approach.

Ensure total compliance to the TfL DVS enforcement.



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Everything you need to keep your fleet moving smoothly

Teletrac Navman hardware is easy to install and use in all your vehicles and equipment.

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Full side scan kit with display + 4 x Flush Sensors 



Left-turn Alert


VT-M4-7-AHD (Kit)

4CH AHD Monitor including 5M cable, F2F converter and brackets



HD Side-View camera 

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