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Teletrac Navman

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Fleet Safety Simplified

Leave nothing to chance with a platform designed to empower intelligent safety decisions.

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Fleet Safety Solutions

Protect your people, your assets and your business

With real-time alerts, simplified communication, driver hours visibility and detailed reporting, you’ll always have the full picture of your fleet’s safety performance. Everything you need to create a culture of safety for your company at your fingertips.

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Service And Specialty Software 1017X601

Safety Management Tools

Make the most of telematics software for effective safety management

Driver Scorecard

Driver Safety

Your people are your most valuable asset, that's why Teletrac Navman enables you to monitor driver scorecards.

When an accident or safety incident occurs, you’ll know exactly what happened thanks to fully-integrated Video Telematics, that also empower you to take a proactive approach to safety with automated coaching programs. 

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Reporting Defects 570X543

Fleet Maintenance

Ensuring your equipment and vehicles are operating at top performance is the best way to mitigate safety incidents and unexpected maintenance issues. With built-in engine diagnostics, digital inspections and the ability to monitor mileage and engine hours in real-time, you can create schedules for preventative maintenance. 

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1 Coaching 570X543

Driver Coaching

Digitise your coaching program with our Video Telematics and driver coaching app that are designed to keep your drivers focused on improving performance. Share videos for coachable events and keep your team engaged with a fully transparent coaching program.

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Tacho Call Out (1)

Tachograph and Fatigue Management

Eliminate hours of paperwork and track essential information as it happens with easy, accurate, automated compliance information. With our Fatigue Management tachograph solution, you’re able to see everything through one lens, so you can maximise driving time, remain compliant and keep your drivers safe. What’s more, you’re also able to drill down to view more compliance data, such as next break requirements, time until next weekly rest, available extended drive and drive time for the day/week/fortnight – all allowing you to make quick decisions when allocating jobs.

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Driver Scorecard 570X543

Driver ID

Our Driver ID solution gives you the choice of immobilising vehicles if an ID isn't entered, eliminating the problem of incomplete reports, unreliable data and unallocated journeys.

Not only does this allow you to confidently track your vehicles and know exactly which driver is using them at what time, but also ensures more accurate data to monitor consistency in driver behaviour trends. This complete peace of mind means you can rest assured your reports will be fully compliant and gives you the opportunity to pin-point immediately any areas for concern.

We offer 3 variants of our Driver ID Solution: a keypad, key fob or an ID card – giving you the choice to see which option works best for you and your business.

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DVS 570X543

DVS Safe System Package

The Direct Vision Standard is a Transport for London led initiative which will come into force in March 2021.  

DVS will effect almost all HGVs over 12 tonnes gross vehicle weight operating in or through Greater London, so for HGV’s to continue business as normal, a permit must be issued for each vehicle. However, a permit will only be issued if those vehicles hold a safety rating of 1 or more stars; if a vehicle is has a ‘0’ star rating then changes to the vehicle to make it safer must be made, as without a permit, fines against operators and drivers will be issued, with multiple fines being possible in a single day.

Find out what actions your business needs to take to ensure your fleet is completely DVS compliant ready for 2021.

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Real Results

Helping Businesses Run Safer Fleets

Green RGB Alert 150X150 53%

saw fewer safety violations

Green RGB Driver Behavior 150X150 28%

saw improved driver behaviour

Green RGB Accident 150X150 26%

saw reduced accidents

Frequently Asked Questions

Know-how and experience to keep your assets safe

As leaders in fleet safety solutions for more than 30 years, we know how to help your business work safely.

Telematics has firmly established itself as an integral component of fleet management. The benefits of a telematics systems delivers increased efficiency and boosting the bottom line - but that's not all they have to offer. 

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Developing an effective driver training programme starts with benchmarking data. Identify areas for improvement for both your team and individual drivers and enables you to offer constructive, relevant feedback in real-time.

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Insurance companies determine premiums based on a number of factors, including incidents, violations, and driver behaviour. Telematics platforms record data in all three areas, letting you identify areas for improvement and work toward improved safety and lower premiums.

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AI powered Smart Dashcams have been designed to turn video into insight, enabling you to take proactive steps to rectify high risk behaviors before an incident occurs. The cameras analyze all drive time, identify improvement areas for individual drivers and automate coaching through the driver mobile app.

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Fleetsafety FAQ 570X440

Our Clients

Trusted by industry leaders worldwide

We’ve already witnessed a 70% drop in speeding events just months after installation, so it certainly feels like we’ve achieved a great deal in a short space of time.

- One Manchester

Driver behaviour monitoring, thanks to scorecards and league tables, has also meant driving accidents are down by a very significant 60%, which has lowered insurance premiums whilst helping to keep our drivers safe

- Robert Heath Heating

We’re now consistently operating at an average Fleet Driver Score of over 90%, so we’re really seeing the rewards of introducing leading telematics technology to our fleet as part of our ongoing Training Programmes.



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