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Trailer Tracking

Locate trailers and maximise capacity with our GPS trailer tracking system

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Trailer Tracking Software

Easily track your trailers of any size

It's easy to track all your trailers, containers and assets in a single platform. Save time locating your trailers and maximise trailer usage.

Trailer Tracking Software

The Benefits

Streamline your operation with a trailer tracking system

Trailer Security

Trailer Security

Protect your trailers by monitoring them in real-time. Improve the security of your trailers and reduce the frequency of trailers and cargo being stolen.

  • Get alerts when a trailer leaves a site
  • Receive notifications when trailers are used outside of usual times
  • Track location of trailers to aid recovery
Maximize Trailer Usage

Maximise Trailer Usage

Having your trailers where they are needed and available for the next job is key to maximising utilisation. Save time locating your trailers by monitoring exactly where they are and who is using them.

  • View trailer location
  • Report on trailer utilisation
  • Move trailers to match demand
Exception Management

Exception Management

When you know where your trailers are and how they are being used, you can easily manage unauthorised use.  Any make or model of a trailer can be managed in our platform giving you complete visibility of your trailer fleet.

  • Report on trailers not being used and right size you fleet
  • Get notifications when trailers move outside of usual times
One Platform

One Platform

Manage your trailers alongside vehicles and other equipment in a single application, giving you one lens to manage all of your mobile assets.

  • Easily find the information you need
  • Reduce cost and admin time by consolidating technology
  • Simplify data analysis


Find the perfect trailer tracking software

Our range of solutions can meet your business needs now and grow with you into the future.

Asset Tracking Sensors
GPS tracker for non-powered assets

A small tracking device for your assets that can easily be self-installed

  • Long battery life with built in battery meter
  • Adjustable frequency updates for increased reporting
  • Battery-powered
  • Low battery alerts
  • View battery status at anytime
  • Replaceable 3 AA Lithium batteries
  • Easy to self-install
  • Rugged and IP67-rated dustproof and waterproof
  • Internal GPS and Cellular Antennas
  • Reduce instances of lost or stolen assets
  • Small, low-profile device
  • Perfect for large and small non-powered assets
Solar powered GPS tracker

Get visibility into asset location and movement with this solar-powered GPS device

  • Very long battery life - up to 7 years
  • Solar and battery-powered
  • View battery status at anytime
  • 9-axis accelerometer for movement detection
  • 4G CatM / NB-IoT modem
  • Easy to self-install
  • Rugged and IP67-rated dustproof and waterproof
  • Monitor trip reporting
  • Reduce instances of lost or stolen assets
  • Location updates on assets in motion are every 1 minute
  • Location updates on stationary assets are every 4 hours
Gpslocationtracking GPS Tracking

Stationary and in motion updates

Alerts Real-time Alerts

Instant notifications on motion and site entry/exit

Reportingandanalytics Trip Reporting

View trip activity for each trailer

Fleet Maintenance 150X150 Trailer Maintenance

Manage maintenance across your trailer fleet

Trailer Tracking

Frequently asked question

The update frequency can vary based on the device that you choose and what activity the trailer is completing. It is common that the device can be configured to have a stationary update rate that is less frequent and an in-motion update rate that is more frequent. Our team can advise on what tracking device would be most suitable for your business based on your requirements.

Depending on how frequent it is providing an update the battery life can be up to 7 years.

When the solar tracker is placed high on an asset like a trailer and has access to the sun, it runs off of the large solar panel. When it’s dark out, the device runs off of the internal battery. When the solar tracker is moving, it updates every minute, and once stationary, it provides an update every four hours. These update rates are dependent on the amount of battery charge in the solar tracker.

Solar powered trackers can have a battery life from 5 to 7 years and the batteries are easily replaceable, each solar tracking device uses 3 AA lithium batteries.

Reports on trip details can be run to determine usage of an asset, including time utilised and distance traveled. Together with maintenance reports, you have a complete view of utilisation and maintenance costs for any asset - whether it’s used internally or is rented.

Install your device on any solid surface of your asset. Devices can be installed with screws, zip ties or adhesive tape. For devices with a solar cell, ensure that they are placed high - and vertically, on an asset or trailer with access to the sun.