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Streamline Equipment Maintenance

See every aspect of equipment maintenance, from preventative maintenance schedules to maintenance costs, and ensure your operators are working with fully maintained equipment.

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Equipment Maintenance Software

Improve uptime, reduce costs and keep your operators safe

Spot issues before they become serious problems with real-time visibility into equipment usage, engine fault codes, mileage and more. Eliminate unnecessary downtime by knowing the assets that need maintenance and where they are located. Stay on top of pre-use inspections and ensure your operators are using safe and fully maintained equipment. 

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Equipment Maintenance & Safety

Digital Maintenance Management

Avoid downtime with effective preventative and responsive maintenance processes

Maintenance Workflows

Maintenance Workflows

Automate your equipment maintenance schedule with digital workflows designed to eliminate paper-based processes and streamline your maintenance operation. Eliminate time spent on data-entry and other tedious paperwork. With customizable alerts and notifications, maintenance managers can stay on top of essential maintenance activities and respond quickly to unexpected issues.

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Equipment Inspections

Equipment Inspections

Perform pre- and post-use inspections on your mobile device and instantly submit failed checks. The easy to use application guides operators through the inspection steps and provides instruction on what to do should they identify points of failure. Data is instantly captured in the equipment management software so action can be taken quickly, minimizing downtime.

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Track Ownership Cost

Track Ownership Cost

Use equipment data to accurately measure and understand total cost of ownership. By tracking usage and monitoring maintenance patterns and cost in real-time, businesses can make more informed decisions on equipment replacement cycles.

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Operator Safety

Operator Safety

Leverage digital inspections to improve equipment safety and monitor maintenance needs in real-time to ensure your equipment is safe for use. The flexible solution also enables you to digitise your safety incident log and operator management process, so you can be confident that operator licenses and training is up to date.

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Our Clients

Trusted by industry leaders worldwide

With such a comprehensive fleet of vehicles we wanted to ensure that our assets were being fully utilized and required more detailed and accurate reporting of vehicle movements

- Gore Earthmoving

We’ve now got 100% visibility of each vehicle, which has provided us with a full picture into the safety and performance of our fleet

- Aggregate Industries

What really pushes you to telematics is the data. The data you can gather is just amazing.

- Sherwood Construction

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions, and we’re here to help

With more than 30 years of experience in equipment management, we can help you succeed.

Equipment management software can reduce downtime in many ways, including optimizing maintenance schedules, responding quickly to defects before they become serious issues and streamlining maintenance workflows ensuring information on equipment health is shared instantly.

Preventative maintenance not only ensures equipment is safe to operate, it also reduces costs in the form on unexpected downtime and larger maintenance issues that stem from neglect. With a equipment management system, engineers can perform preventative maintenance on manufacturer-recommended schedules or on your custom timeline.

With a digital inspection app that’s fully compatible with any mobile device, inspections can be customized to fit your equipment profile and can guide operators through the inspection steps and actions to take if they find a point of failure.

With a customizable operator management platform you can track any operator events, including licenses, required training or internal activities that you require operators to complete.

Equipment Maintenance FAQ

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