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Tachograph and Driver Hours

Get driver hours insight at your fingertips by downloading digital tachograph data remotely, see your driver status updates in real-time and get in-depth reports in an instant.

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See everything through one lens

Protect your operating license, streamline driver hours management and optimise fleet productivity


Eliminate hours of paperwork and track essential information as it happens

Our Tachograph Fatigue Management solution offers easy, accurate, automated compliance information

With our solution you can:

  • Experience a simple, easy to use one screen view
  • Safeguard your business operating license
  • Ensure compliance to working hour legislations
  • Access remote tachograph downloads at any time
  • Save hours of admin time by scheduling automated tacho reports
  • Easily monitor the frequency of rest breaks
  • Streamline logistics to manage your entire workforce in a smarter, more efficient way
  • Protect your drivers, and get them home safely


What's more, our team of industry experts track driver hour regulations across the UK as they evolve, so you can rest assured that our solution will always be up-to-date with the latest legislations to help your business remain compliant.

Simplicity and usability of a one-screen view

Allowing you to maximise business efficiencies, always remain compliant and keep your drivers safe 

Real-Time Driver Working Hours

Total visibility means total compliance

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Our Tachograph Fatigue Management solution is equipped with fully automated EU driving hours and working time rules engine, ensuring your business is adhering to the very latest in tacho regulations at any given time.

It offers 5 status lenses: all, driving, other work, rest break and POA, and visually highlights at a glance what stage your drivers are currently at. What's more, alerts also display when infringements are made, making it quick and easy to identify any immediate actions needed.

Technlogy Help With Driver Retention Tw

For both HGV drivers and O-licence operators, a lack of knowledge about digital tachograph rules is unlikely to be sufficient as an excuse for non-compliance. With our solution, you're able to quickly identify critical data points such as next break/rest requirements, time until next weekly rest, drive time for the day/week/fortnight, available extended drive and available reduced rest.

All allowing you to make decisions to allocate jobs, based on the most accurate data.

Modern Driver TW

Driver Decision Support (DDS) supplies live data every 2-5 minutes showing how much driving the driver has done on the current trip; today, this week and this fortnight.

It allows you to identify how soon a driver will need to take a break or some rest, and also highlights whether your drivers are working, driving or resting at that given moment. Particularly useful for transport or logistics planners who need to deploy drivers with sufficient hours remaining.

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As weekly maximum driving time can total no more than 56 hours, and a driver must take at least 45 minutes of breaks every 4.5 hours of driving unless they take a rest period, this leaves fleets asking the question: how can I make my business as productive as possible?

Our tachograph fatigue management solution pulls all of that data, for all of your drivers, at any given time, into one easy to view lens. Now, you're able to pull critical driver data in an instant, saving you time and allowing you to quickly react to any productivity challenges. 


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