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Teletrac Navman

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Solar Asset Tracker

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

Solar-Powered GPS Tracker

GPS tracking for non-powered assets

It's easy to track all of your assets, construction equipment to trailers, containers and rental equipment in a single solution. From rental equipment such as bins, industrial equipment, non-powered trailers and containers, it's easy with our range of asset trackers. 

ST101 Features and Benefits

Keep track of all your unpowered assets

GPS Asset Tracking

Solar-Powered GPS Tracker with Battery Backup

Real-time GPS asset tracking suitable for ruggedised uses.

  • Long battery life comprised of both a solar cell to generate power from the sun and an internal backup battery when solar access is limited
  • Rugged, waterproof, and IP67 rated. Made from industrial grade polycarbonate housing (crush resistant)
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Asset Management

Easily track your assets -track where the assets are and have been. 

  • Trip reporting - View where your asset has been, as well as any trip activity
  • Tracking - provides one GPS fix every minute when in motion
  • For stationary assets, current location tracking is provided every four hours for location updates
Solar Tracker 570X543 (1) (1)

Easy to Self Install

Our Solar Tracker is an Internet of Things (IoT) device that is easy to quickly self install on your large, non-powered assets, tools, large equipment, portable toilets or large trash bins

  • Easy to self-install with screws, zip ties or adhesive tape
  • The devices are rugged and IP-67 rated waterproof and dustproof
  • A great addition to your other GPS tracking for vehicles and trailers

Technical Specifications

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Rating: IP67 rated to withstand water and dirt ingress, SAEJ1455 - shock and vibration, ISO16750 for mechanical shock and corrosion

Modem: 4G LTE-Cat-M1

Installation: Easy to self-install with bolts, screws, or magnets. *Device must be in vertical position for installation.

Anz St101

Battery Type: Solar and Internal Battery

Replaceable: Yes

Battery Life: Up to 5 to 7 years

Battery Meter: Yes


Your Success 

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Your Success 570X440

Essentially, the partnership with Teletrac Navman has provided us with the data we just didn’t have before, enabling us to better our customer service offering, and positively impacting the business as a whole. 

- Aggregate Industries

Teletrac Navman won us over with a flawless approach, followed by first-rate consultancy and execution. The introduction of our SUEZ Dashboard has been operation-changing – I can’t even begin to tell you the difference it has made

- Suez

This improved visibility has not only helped us save on the bottom line and reinvest into our growing fleet, but it has also enabled us to continue bringing new contracts in as our reputation for excellent customer service has continued

- Graham Environmental Services


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