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Teletrac Navman

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Smart Dashcams

A new approach to reducing risk that uses video AI to protect your drivers through personalised coaching.

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Data Blocks

Intelligent Driver Safety

Turn video into meaningful insight and improve driver safety with personalised coaching and driver rewards.

With powerful video AI you can understand driver behaviour like never before, and take a balanced approach to coaching, that you and your drivers can trust.

Smart Dashcam
Green AI AI Powered

Always on video analysis

Green RGB Audio Feedback Audio Feedback

Instant feedback for incident avoidance

Green RGB Driver Coach App Driver Coaching App

Digitise your coaching program

Green RGB Positive Event Recognition Positive Event Recognition

Identify and reward positive driver actions

Smart Camera Features

Take a proactive step to improve driver safety with the latest AI camera technology

AI Powered Smart Dashcam

AI Powered

The always-on smart dashcams review every minute of driving time and use AI to provide insights into behaviours to reward and areas to improve. Events can be recorded for collision avoidance, distracted driving and following vehicles to closely.

  • Let AI do the heavy lifting and review all video footage
  • Identify positive driver actions and create reward programs
  • Monitor distracted driving events an minimise risk.

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Driver Coaching App


Digitise your training program with the driver coaching app and keep your drivers focused on improving performance. Share videos for coachable events and keep your team engaged with a fully transparent coaching program.

  • Individual driver coaching app
  • Instantly share positive and coachable actions with drivers
  • Build self coaching into your rewards program

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Smart Dashcam Instant Feedback

Realtime Feedback

Prevent incidents from occurring in real-time with audio alerts for dangerous driving actions. The smart dashcam can trigger alerts for events including speeding, distracted driving and following vehicles too closely.

  • Prevent incidents with real-time audio notifications
  • Audio notifications for speeding, distracted driving and following too closely

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Smart Dashcam Transparency

Transparent Solution

Get driver buy-in with the most accurate and transparent driver safety program. Based on Video AI you can create a balanced program that rewards positive actions and communicates areas for improvement, all backed by video evidence recorded on the smart dashcam.

  • Recognise positive driving behaviour
  • Video evidence for driver coaching events
  • Mobile app keeps drivers engaged

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The Smart Dashcam has given us greater transparency into driver behaviour. The system helps us to understand their performance, keeping safety as a priority, while continually coaching drivers to make the best decisions.

Sam Ward, Operations Manager at JR Stephens

Compare our Dashcam Solutions

Find the perfect camera solution for your fleet

Our range of solutions can meet your business needs now and grow with you into the future.

Smart Dashcam
Forward and driver facing AI camera solution

Create a driver safety program that you and your drivers can trust with an AI enabled camera that streamlines coaching and accelerates improvement.

  • AI-enabled smart dashcam with a forward and driver-facing camera system
  • High definition 1080p camera lenses
  • Ambient light sensor for clear night or low-light footage
  • Continually recording to analyse footage in real-time and raise events
  • Octa Core CPU + GPU / DSP for AI enabled Edge computing
  • 9-axis accelerometer, gyro, compass, and temperature sensors built-in
  • 4G LTE enabled for optimum communications
  • Real-time audible driver alerts
  • Instant alerts raised direct to the office for a vast variety of event triggers in front of and inside the vehicle
  • Built-in driver alert button that raises alerts in the application
  • 2GB of memory and storage for up to 50 hours of video on the device
  • Built in scorecard, driver coaching and dashboard system for the back-office
Multi-Camera Solution
5 channel video recorder designed for vehicle surveillance

A HD and ruggedised 5-channel digital video recorder designed for vehicle surveillance and monitoring.

  • High definition 1080/720p cameras
  • Forward, side and rear facing camera options
  • In vehicle monitor allows driver to view live footage
  • Ruggedised hardware that is both water resistant and shock proof
  • Fully integrated with Teletrac Navman's fleet management software
  • Built in G shock sensors to trigger events
  • Encrypted data transfer
  • Aniti-vibration technology to eliminate false alerts
  • Option to include a lockable case


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