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Six months exemption ends in summer
The UK government has confirmed that as of August 1st 2020, all MOT testing classed as mandatory will resume.
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No need for speed
What can fleet operators do to ensure that not only are their drivers behaving and assets are protected, but the public are kept safe from harm as wel...
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Back in business: How to jump start operations post COVID-19
It’s safe to say that walking down a high street or driving through an industrial estate hasn’t felt the same since mid-March. COVID-19 has changed th...
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Clean air zones: what will they mean for fleets?
With London mayor Sadiq Khan set to roll out the introduction of an Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in the capital by April 2019, one pressing concern currently facing the fleet sector is that of how it adapts itself to more stringent restrictions on ...
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How fleets can handle the big freeze
Right at the last knockings of winter, Britain has suddenly and unexpectedly found itself in the grip of the first proper big freeze of the winter.The so-called ‘Beast from the East’ has brought snow and biting cold winds from Siberia, and to complic...
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Incentivising electric fleets: is enough being done?
Environmental issues are becoming an ever more pressing concern.Governments, businesses and households alike are increasingly expected to do their bit to help reduce their impact on the environment and secure a sustainable long-term future.
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Seat belts: why are so many drivers not wearing them?
Ordinary drivers could be forgiven for thinking that putting a seat belt on when you get in a car is simply second nature.You get in, you strap your seat belt on.
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Diversity: The key to the success of the transport sector - Copy
The transport industry is definitely, and quite rightly, changing.In the same way that many fleet managers have embraced the positive change of technology, managers and business owners are also turning their attention to the need for a more dive...
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"Companies today will have illegal vehicles on the road!" - Copy
  A fleet management expert has called on firms to fully embrace the technologies that can drastically reduce the amount of paperwork they’re currently burdened with – and which can radically simplify the processes of legal compliance...
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