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What does the MOT suspension mean for my fleet?
Following the recent announcement that MOT testing is to now be suspended up to 3 months due to the Covid-19 outbreak.
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2019: The Year for Road Safety
Created as part of a wider two-year road safety action plan, these new measures have been introduced alongside a newly-updated Highway Code, which out...
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Driver wellbeing: Improve your mental health in just 30 days
In the Transport industry, driver safety is always at the forefront of our minds, but that doesn’t just mean physical safety, it’s having a safe menta...
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The top 5 problems facing Transport Managers
To be a successful transport manager takes a particular set of qualities: not just attention to detail and diligence, but flexibility, strong analytical skills and the ability to switch between different tasks at a moment’s notice.The nature of the j...
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20m x 20m Vision
In a recent crackdown, 3 Police Forces across England are now planning to test the eyesight of each person they stop throughout September, in an effort to reduce the number of drivers with defective vision. Thames Valley, Hampshire and the West Midl...
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5 Ways GPS Van Tracking Can Help Your Business
No longer the sole preserve of larger fleets, more and more small and medium-sized businesses have also introduced telematics systems recently – and this has helped to deliver efficiencies across a range of different areas, from maintenance and road ...
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Variable speed limits: how will they affect fleets?
With the roads subject to more and more pressure, and concern over environmental issues on the increase, new schemes are being introduced across the country in an effort both to manage congestion and reduce air pollution. In June, the Welsh governme...
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Top 5 Fleet Safety Technologies
Telematics systems, in particular, have been widely embraced by the sector and have come to play a central role.This technology, and the insights it provides, is also delivering ongoing improvements in fleet safety.
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Is the government doing enough to help fleets with fuel costs?
May saw fuel prices rise by more than at any other point since the turn of the millennium, with RAC figures recording a 6p per litre increase over the course of the month.This in turn ensured that inflation held firm at 2.4% in May, according to the ...
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