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Six months exemption ends in summer
The UK government has confirmed that as of August 1st 2020, all MOT testing classed as mandatory will resume.
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No need for speed
What can fleet operators do to ensure that not only are their drivers behaving and assets are protected, but the public are kept safe from harm as wel...
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Back in business: How to jump start operations post COVID-19
It’s safe to say that walking down a high street or driving through an industrial estate hasn’t felt the same since mid-March. COVID-19 has changed th...
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Smart or not so smart motorways
Yes, smart motorways have taken so long to officially ‘open’ that the roadworks have become a firm part of British transport history.  But, in the rare corners of the UK road network where the four lane strip is now in use, do we really know ...
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Telematics and the Internet of Things
Of all the technological innovations in recent years – and there have been many – few have been the subject of more feverish excitement than the Internet of Things (IoT). The potential of the IoT to revolutionise not just the way we do business wi...
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5 Things you don’t know about Vehicle Tracking
Vehicle tracking is an all too common phrase.Since it first surfaced in the late 20th century, businesses have been flocking to understand it and use it to protect their mobile assets.
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5 Tips to Successfully Implement a Vehicle Tracking System
Selecting and implementing a vehicle tracking system sounds easy.But often businesses underestimate the research and planning that goes with acquiring new tools for an entire team, spending more time troubleshooting than reaping the benefits and seei...
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5 Ways Vehicle Tracking can Improve Safety
With vehicle tracking, you get insight into events that phone calls and texts can’t deliver, such as real-time vehicle locations and routing, insight into driving behaviour and compliance, and more.Here are five ways vehicle tracking can improve safe...
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The Top 5 Fleet Management KPIs
Telematics systems are now playing a particularly central role in helping fleet managers to measure KPIs.While including all the benefits of a vehicle tracking system, telematics is in fact far more than just a vehicle tracker, and provides uniquely ...
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