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Six months exemption ends in summer
The UK government has confirmed that as of August 1st 2020, all MOT testing classed as mandatory will resume.
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No need for speed
What can fleet operators do to ensure that not only are their drivers behaving and assets are protected, but the public are kept safe from harm as wel...
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Back in business: How to jump start operations post COVID-19
It’s safe to say that walking down a high street or driving through an industrial estate hasn’t felt the same since mid-March. COVID-19 has changed th...
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What do drivers want from motorway service stations?
Anyone whose job involves regular long-distance driving is likely to have spent more than their fair share of time in motorway service stations.But these institutions aren’t universally loved – whether it’s the prices, the quality of the food or even...
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Electric Fleets By 2040? The Impact on Fleet Management
Last month, the government announced that it intended to phase out production of conventional petrol and diesel-fuelled cars by 2040.It is worth noting that this applies only to those vehicles solely fuelled by either petrol or diesel – hybrid vehicl...
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August Bank Holiday: Traffic Hotspots To Watch
It might feel suspiciously like it never really started, but the British summer – and with it the holiday season and the festival season – is already drawing to a close.But before it ends, we do at least have the August bank holiday to look forward t...
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How Many 15 Hour Days Can A HGV Driver Do?
It can be challenging to get your head around HGV driver hours regulations.The intricacies of these regulations, can be very difficult to get to grips with.
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Poll finds scepticism over driverless cars
A new and exclusive opinion poll carried out by Teletrac Navman has revealed that while many people are excited by the prospect of encountering driverless cars – which may become a reality in the relatively near future – there continues to be conside...
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Road Rage: The Top 5 Driver Behaviours That Push Us Over The Edge
Whether you drive for a living, just have a car to help get you from A to B, or have been a motorist for a while, you’ll no doubt have plenty of personal driving bugbears. Don’t get us wrong, there are loads of civil drivers on Britain’s roads.But...
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