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Six months exemption ends in summer
The UK government has confirmed that as of August 1st 2020, all MOT testing classed as mandatory will resume.
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No need for speed
What can fleet operators do to ensure that not only are their drivers behaving and assets are protected, but the public are kept safe from harm as wel...
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Back in business: How to jump start operations post COVID-19
It’s safe to say that walking down a high street or driving through an industrial estate hasn’t felt the same since mid-March. COVID-19 has changed th...
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Smart motorways: will the gain be worth the pain?
They were supposed to make things easier, but Smart Motorways have become the bane of many fleet managers’ and drivers’ lives in recent years.However, the good news is that the government’s long-running programme of investment in these initiatives is...
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"Companies today will have illegal vehicles on the road!"
  A fleet management expert has called on firms to fully embrace the technologies that can drastically reduce the amount of paperwork they’re currently burdened with – and which can radically simplify the processes of legal compliance...
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Drivers Demand Action On Potholes
A recent Teletrac Navman opinion poll has revealed that potholes remain a key concern among motorists, with drivers overwhelmingly considering the issue the single biggest problem with regard to Britain’s road infrastructure The poll generated ple...
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Air Quality After Paris: Can Telematics Help?
The Trump administration ignited another impassioned debate recently when it took the decision to withdraw from the much-proclaimed Paris Agreement on climate change, which only came into effect last November.Considered the parting legacy of Trump’s ...
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How SMEs Can Compete With Large Corporates: The Delivery Experience Challenge
The continuing evolution of customer service – and customer expectations – is always imposing new challenges on smaller firms as they try to avoid being squeezed out of the market by their larger competitors.Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) ...
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June’s Potential Traffic Hotspots - Teletrac Navman
Now that the summer is very nearly here, many of us will have already turned our thoughts to that foreign getaway they’ve got planned or that big music festival they’re going to.Unfortunately for those working in the world of logistics and fleet mana...
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