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Why should you choose an AI powered telematics platform?

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

With minimum complications and maximum results, TN360 offers users a new experience in fleet management, that delivers the right intelligence in real-time.


After countless research interviews, businesses have told us that when they have previously looked at telematics they don't see the value. However, telematics has changed with new technology making it more accessible and easier to see immediate value and ROI.

Our new TN360 solution instantly tells you the areas to focus your time on and spots the anomalies for you, meaning this now opens up new benefits to businesses like yours. So, why is it worth exploring?

Imagine mapping out your day-to-day role as a fleet manager by literally sticking a post-it note on the wall for each and every action you make. The painstaking task of thinking exactly what you do, how you do it, when and why would take up all the hours in day, to the point where your office will have had a full refurb of neon walls.  

Visualising all those tasks right in front of you is a scary thought. To think that you literally spend your time inputting information into different technology, solutions and software would be enough to make anyone feel a little robotic.  

Repeating these same daily processes can not only get monotonous, but also autonomous, and that’s something we tend to forget when working with data – we’re not machines, we’re human!

We’re surrounded by numbers, figures and metrics all day in the world of fleet management, although we’re literally made up of everything but that. As humans, we base our decisions on thoughts, emotions and feelings. Some of us boast confidence and enthusiasm, whilst others are more sceptical and weight out the risks. We even simply just “go with our gut” when thinking what to do next, ignoring the stats completely.

Machines and humans should complement each other, not pretend to be each other.

So why is it that if we’re made up so many things that make us all human, we still find ourselves doing the work of machines?


It’s not the right time at the moment

The uncertainty to change. “It’s not the right time” is a common term we’ve all used, whether it’s looking at new car finance or to upgrade your Sky package, but 9 times out of 10 it really just means “please don’t pester me, I’ll decide on my own.”

Whilst you may have convenient opportunities to do so, such as a contract with a current provider coming to an end, it’s not necessarily easy to pinpoint when “the right time” really is.

For some fleet managers there may come a point when those post-it notes in the back of your mind just get too much, and you decide enough is enough – “I need to do something about this.”

Whilst for others, the time may come when a vehicle misses its service or a drivers’ records are incomplete. But the problem here is waiting for that time to come. 

Manually pulling reports, analysing your own data and sticking to your normal every day routine may seem like the easiest thing to do, but that’s simply because it doesn’t require anything to change.

Imagine having the chance to take all of those post-its and giving them away, without having to burden the rest of your team with masses of extra workload. You can literally pass all of those monotonous tasks and get back all of that valuable time you’d have lost otherwise.

That’s exactly what an AI powered telematics platform can do for you. It feeds off those signals you input and does every calculation, summary and analysis it can, all so you don’t have to. Then when you’re ready for that Monday meeting, all you need to do is physically ask it for the information – it’s already done.

In other words – if you choose that today is the right time, you’ll be getting all that extra time back tomorrow.


My current solution does everything I need

That’s great! So why don’t we see if we can get it do more, do it quicker or do it better?

Whether your vehicles don’t travel very far, or you don’t think it’ll be worth the hassle – making the switch to AI will still have a huge benefit to your business.

You’d be able to track and monitor all of your vehicles with quick-view dashboards all in one easy to use platform, meaning there’d be no need to flick between different tabs or logins. Not to mention that the AI engine will automatically detect any abnormalities in driver behaviour, so you can instantly optimise your operations, rather than manually trailing through data logs.

Having an AI powered telematics platform allows you to change the way you look at your fleet with a single click, touch or swipe. It grants you one-click access to productivity, safety, maintenance and workflow information with data lenses that focus on key measurements, in less time than it would to find the file on your desktop.

It also means you can take a proactive approach to fleet management, as the AI technology itself learns from your reactions. It’s quick – really quick – so your data is always up to date with accurate, actionable insights in real time.


My drivers have been with me a long time

Even today, a common concern that comes up when speaking with our users is that they’re nervous their drivers won’t appreciate being tracked. The “spy in the cab” term is still used amongst drivers today – but our perspective? Yes, “big brother is out to get you” … there safer and quicker.

What we find is that most drivers don’t actually have any issues with tracking when they fully understand how it can benefit them. As the decision maker in your business, you already know that telematics is a useful tool when it comes to monitoring driver behaviour and improving safety – now you just need to convey that.

Ultimately: TN360 isn’t there to catch people out. It simply takes the immediate data and calculates its impact. It’s there to help businesses work smarter, save time and effort, whether that’s through highlighting irregularities in driver style or sudden harsh braking. After all, our drivers are the most important asset in the entire transport sector – it’s our duty to keep them safe. 

Plus, as it turns out, knowing where your drivers are is often as beneficial to drivers as it is to the business.

Drivers who have been accused of speeding, causing accidents and reckless driving have all been able to prove it wasn’t them thanks to vehicle tracking. And if a driver is in danger, then knowing their location could literally be life-saving.


But it’s brand new to the market…

Our system may be brand new, but our reputation isn’t.

Teletrac Navman isn’t just UK based – it’s a global, market leading software-as-a-service provider, offering fleet and asset management technology which uncovers and simplifies information that would otherwise go unseen - helping our customers reduce risk and confidently move their business forward with certainty.

Collectively we track and manage  assets for more than 40,000 companies around the world, and we’ve been doing it for a long time!

We have a long history in telematics being the first company to offer real time tracking, integrated routing and now bringing AI to the fleet telematics market too. It’s never been done before on such a scale, and as the first to make that launch, we know it’s only going to get better.

In fact, since our business launched over 25 years ago, many of our customers have been by our side – propelling their businesses along with the launches of our new platforms and software.

This is reflected in our customer case studies, excellent 4.6 out of 5 Trustpilot rating and in direct feedback from our TN360 customers also:

“We went to Teletrac Navman with an extremely lengthy wish list to achieve” comments Robert Green, Transport Manager at Magnus Group. “Not only did they meet all our demands they also got under the skin of the business and by doing so were able to really identify the optimum set-up for meeting our business objectives.”


I’m no good with technology

Telematics has been great at driving productivity and cost savings for thousands of businesses but, from speaking to users, we know that they're only getting a fraction of the value from the solution.

You wouldn’t pay for an iPhone contract if you’re only using it to text, so choosing a new telematics solution is exactly the same.

TN360 has enormous reporting capabilities, and its direct integration with Zapier and IFTTT means that all you need to do is ask – literally. The AI natural language search answers your biggest questions and learns your business, meaning your new “solution” becomes more of a partner, helping you make those immediate, data driven decisions to help move your business forward and implement positive change.

Its AI engine gives you every piece of the puzzle, at your fingertips. From tracking, safety, messaging, maintenance and documents, to a complete suite of mobile applications that are designed to keep you informed and drivers connected with the business.

But the best part? We completely understand that customers demand largescale, low-complexity systems that require little-to-no training: so that’s what we built.

TN360 has been designed to make it easy to identify areas of improvement and provide users with instant access to drill into problems to understand the cause. For example, an AI engine can highlight to your operations team that time on customer sites increased by 15% last week and your team can instantly break that down to view time on site by customer and discover which customer site is causing the increase.

AI doesn’t have to be intimidating. With TN360, machine learning seamlessly fits into the daily routines of fleet managers, drivers and business owners, bringing technology that we use in our personal lives into the workplace.

For the first time you can ask your telematics platform questions about your fleet and drivers and get instant answers just as you would with Google or a Smart Phone.

Our software is based on the concept of simplicity and we continuously look at how we can use AI and machine learning to take the heavy lifting out of data analysis to provide real time business insights.

We are driven to help businesses turn data into decisions, and this will continue to evolve as TN360 grows.


So, why should you choose an AI powered telematics platform?

Take it from our customers:

“It’s an incredibly flexible, adaptable and easy to use system enabling us to rapidly turn data into informed business decisions… Teletrac Navman can really affect a change in the way we operate.”


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