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Driver wellbeing: Improve your mental health in just 30 days
In the Transport industry, driver safety is always at the forefront of our minds, but that doesn’t just mean physical safety, it’s having a safe menta...
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5 ways GDPR affects fleet management
The arrival of GDPR has compelled businesses across every sector to make significant changes to the way they handle and protect data, including that o...
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Smart or not so smart motorways
Yes, smart motorways have taken so long to officially ‘open’ that the roadworks have become a firm part of British transport history.  But, in...
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It's Our Duty
This notion is said to be in support of the governments’ new efforts to increase funds for the NHS, after the prime minister’s announcement in June that the service will receive an additional £20 billion per year by 2023. However, with higher oi...
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Crackdown targeting on-road phone use gets results
German motoring organisation ADAC found in a recent study that penalties for illegal phone use in Britain are now the second-highest in Europe, behind the Netherlands.  From March 1st 2017, penalties for illegal mobile phone use were doubled....
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Driving safely in treacherous weather
After a long and challenging winter, it must come as something of a relief for fleets that spring is finally upon us.But if you were hoping that it would be all plain sailing from here (at least between now and next winter), you might want to think a...
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Clean air zones: what will they mean for fleets?
With London mayor Sadiq Khan set to roll out the introduction of an Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in the capital by April 2019, one pressing concern currently facing the fleet sector is that of how it adapts itself to more stringent restrictions on ...
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How fleets can handle the big freeze
Right at the last knockings of winter, Britain has suddenly and unexpectedly found itself in the grip of the first proper big freeze of the winter.The so-called ‘Beast from the East’ has brought snow and biting cold winds from Siberia, and to complic...
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Incentivising electric fleets: is enough being done?
Environmental issues are becoming an ever more pressing concern.Governments, businesses and households alike are increasingly expected to do their bit to help reduce their impact on the environment and secure a sustainable long-term future.
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