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With insurance costs rising and accidents still occurring on Britain’s roads, keeping the cost of fleet insurance down is an important task for any fleet manager.

But what steps can a business take to get its insurance premiums under control?

We recently spoke with Simon Marsh, Managing Director at TeleMGA (part of Markerstudy Group) who told us that “Companies who demonstrate that they are proactively monitoring (and utilising) data sources - such as Telematics - to improve driver safety, can naturally be more confident that they’ll see less incidents, and therefore lower insurance premiums.”

There's a need for businesses to demonstrate how data is being proactively used in order to improve safety standards. Below, we share some of the best ways Teletrac Navman customers do this:


  • Use data in de-briefs: Effectively communicating patterns of behaviour is just as important as gathering the data in the first place. Being able to demonstrate how data is being used as part of driver debriefs is a great way for a business to show commitment to using data to improve fleet safety.


  • Implement targeted training: Training programmes can be significantly enhanced by incorporating telematics data. Demonstrating how data is being used to customise driver training and verify the improvements that are being made will ensure value from training is maximised whilst highlighting a commitment to using data to improve safety.


  • Build incentive schemes: Measuring key behaviours such as harsh breaking, aggressive acceleration, harsh cornering and speeding enables you to grade a drivers overall performance. Sharing this publically in the form of a league table, and rewarding top drivers is a great way to gain driver buy-in, and a very clear demonstration of how data is being used to improve safety. 


  • Get the full picture: tiliseU technology to fill in any information gaps that you have, we call this a 360° view on fleet safety. Having a continual process to identify visibility gaps will build confidence in your commitment to improve fleet safety. We recently launched our ‘360° Fleet Safety Solution’ integrating SmartWitness in-cab camera technology with our telematics solution, providing Managers with the full picture into driver behaviour.


Of course, the above is all part of developing a robust and effective risk management strategy. We recently worked with industry experts to produce a free downloadable guide that helps managers understand the technology that can help them piece together their risk management puzzle. Click on the button below to find out more. 


Adam Partington is a Integrated Digital Marketer at Teletrac Navman.

Adam Partington has written for both The Independent and The London Evening Standard. He has worked in the Telematics industry since 2014 and is a regular contributor to the Teletrac Navman blog, taking a special interest in government policy issues, driver behaviour and road safety.