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Tachograph and Driver Hours

Hassle-free driver hours management with reliable, regular and remote downloads.

Tachograph and Driver Hours

Get driver hours insight at your fingertips by downloading digital tachograph data remotely, see your driver status updates in real time and get in-depth reports in an instant.

Protect your operating license, streamline driver hours management and optimise fleet productivity. 

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Safeguard your operating license

Simplify compliance with driver hours legislation and protect your business. With access to remote tachograph downloads you can quickly and easily monitor driver working hours and the frequency of rest breaks, keeping your staff and business safe.

  • Peace of mind
  • Regular remote downloads
  • Rest break monitoring & driver alerting 

Streamline driver hours management

Save hours of administrative time by automating the capture of driver hours information. With remote downloads and scheduled reporting everything that you need to manage your workforce can be sent to your inbox.

  • Driver ID
  • Integrate data from existing tachograph products
  • Automated and flexible reports

Maximise fleet productivity

Get accurate and real time driver working hours information and ensure that your workforce capacity is maximised. Always know how many hours each driver has remaining in a work period and instantly know if they can take on additional work.

  • View available hours and complete more jobs
  • Instant visibility of driver status changes
  • Reduce sub-contractor costs

Beyond Tacho

DIRECTOR for transport is the ultimate connected solution for UK truck fleets that helps tackle operational needs and drive business forward.

  • Take the hassle out of tachograph
  • Keep your fleet safe with in cab cameras
  • Job dispatch and navigation designed for HGVs

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