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Teletrac Navman

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SI201 Plug and Play Self Install Device

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

SI201 Plug and Play Self Install Device 

Powering Your TN360 Software

Specially developed for use with the TN360 platform, the SI201 is a flexible self install device that captures and sends key information such as vehicle location, trip miles, vehicle engine data and driver safety data to the platform where you can monitor vehicle activity, manage workflow, receive exception alerts and answer business questions through the Insights tool and customised reporting.

Self Install

SI201 Features and Benefits

Powering Insights Through Data Capture and AI

GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking

Our device is a self-install unit for light to heavy-duty vehicles that captures key data including harsh driving events, vehicle performance data and maintenance information and delivers it to the TN360 software platform that transforms this into insights for your business.

  • Second-by-second tracking for real-time status of your vehicles
  • Safety events such as harsh acceleration, braking and cornering, are tracked via the accelerometer
  • Easy to navigate dashboard provides at a glance status for vehicles, drivers and alerts
  • The SI201 fully supports your Android-based device with data plan
SA US Fuelanalytics 570X543

Powering Insights

Together with the AI-powered TN360 platform, the device enables you to access business insights through easy to use analytics tools.

  • Question-based search which "learns" about your business and instantly answers your questions
  • Visualised analytics into key performance areas including productivity and safety
  • Customisable reporting for trip details, driver events, vehicle performance, maintenance, and alerts
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Integrated Apps

The data captured via the device also powers the TN360 mobile application that keeps you connected with your fleet throughout the day. Your driver and vehicle data can also be used alongside a wide range of TN360 mobile apps including:

  • Messaging enables canned and custom messaging with drivers
  • Forms allow the creation of custom workflows
  • Pre-Trip Checklist digitises pre and post-trip vehicle inspections and can be used as part of your workflow for any task list
  • Amazon Alexa and IFTTT (if this then that) integrations bring automation to you          

Technical Specifications

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Flex SI 201 Right

Connectivity: 4G Global LTE CAT M1

Installation: Self-install into OBDII port

Network: AT&T

Operating temperature: -40°to 185° F

Supports: Live alerts (Geofences)

Tracking - Second by second data

Updates: All performed digitally

Flex SI 201 Right

Size: 2.54 x 1.8 x 0.96 inch

Weight: 2.8 ounces

Flex SI 201 Right

Accelerometer: Combined accelerometer and gyroscope (6-dof)

Antenna: Internal cellular and GNSS

Battery: 220mAh LiPo


Input/Output: 1/2

LEDs: 3

OBDII Protocols: ISO 15765-4 / J1939

Flex SI 201 Right

Encryptions: AES256

North America: FCC Part 15 Class B, IC, NOM

Ratings: IP4x


Your Success 

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Your Success 570X440

This improved visibility has not only helped us save on the bottom line and reinvest into our growing fleet, but it has also enabled us to continue bringing new contracts in as our reputation for excellent customer service has continued.

- Graham Environmental Services

Essentially, the partnership with Teletrac Navman has provided us with the data we just didn’t have before, enabling us to better our customer service offering, and positively impacting the business as a whole. 

- Aggregate Industries

Teletrac Navman won us over with a flawless approach, followed by first-rate consultancy and execution. The introduction of our SUEZ Dashboard has been operation-changing – I can’t even begin to tell you the difference it has made.

- Suez


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