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Teletrac Navman

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Fleet Management for the Transport Industry

GPS tracking software backed by years of experience and industry know-how.

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Transport Needs

Greater fleet control leads to better outcomes

Transporting goods from one place to another requires planning and monitoring to keep everything running smoothly. Teletrac Navman fleet management software can help you gain control in the face of both predictable and unexpected challenges.

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Transport Benefits

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Route Optimisation 570X543

Reduce Driver Turnover

High driver turnover creates tremendous drag on profitability and growth. With fewer drivers available, not only must companies must work harder to keep the good ones and enable them to be confident on the road, but in turn drivers are often then more engaged with the business on a personal level.

More informed dispatching and navigation keeps routes running smoothly and safer. 

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Driver Communication 570X543

Increase Profitability

Fleet management software enables crucial communication between drivers and dispatchers and enables them to add jobs and adjust routes in real time for maximum efficiency.

Reduce fuel costs, vehicle insurance, truck maintenance and more. By improving routing, fully utilising load capacity, and reducing insurance premiums, you stand to earn greater long-term profits.

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Tachograph 570X543

Maintain Compliance

Compliance is always top-of-mind in the transport industry. A GPS tracking system enables confidence in your fleet’s compliance and provides valuable data.

From Tachograph hours and safety analytics, through to incentivising driver scorecards, stay on top of your fleet compliance with the help of automated reporting. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Fleet monintoring software can help reduce fuel burn and expenses, by using this technology to shorten vehicle routes and decrease engine idling time. A software tracking solution can also identify driver behaviors that consume excess fuel, and help fleet managers recognize when engine performance is affecting fuel economy.

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Case Study

Beatties Distribution

Teletrac Navman stood out head and shoulders above the competition thanks to its advanced API. We were extremely grateful and reassured that a potential supplier would give us this sort of access to the backend before a deal was struck.

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Beatties Case Study

Case Study

Direct Link Express Deliveries

What really stood out with DIRECTOR was the fact that we had greater fleet visibility and it was all manageable through the app. We needed a solution that could empower us to make better business decisions and we achieved that when we moved to Teletrac Navman’s platform.

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DL Case Study

Case Study


Prior to introducing our DIRECTOR-informed training, our fleet was operating at an Score of 82%, whereas we’re now consistently operating at an average Fleet Driver Score of over 90%, so we’re really seeing the rewards of introducing leading telematics technology to our fleet as part of our ongoing Training Programmes.

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DSV Case Study


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