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Teletrac Navman

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Fleet Management for Government and the Public Sector

Maintain public and driver safety.

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Designed For Public Agencies

Meet strict guidelines without sacrificing safety

With years of experience building software platforms tailored to public sector, we value the safety of your employees and the public you serve. Teletrac Navman fleet management software enables government agencies to improve safety while protecting sensitive data and monitoring carbon footprints. 

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Public Sector Telematics

Take control with fleet management software

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Reduce Inefficiencies

Stop wasting time, effort and even fuel with outdated processes. Quality, real-time data lets you fully understand vehicle utilisation, 24 hours a day. Only then can you spot opportunities to improve efficiency.

Factors, such as unnecessary idle time, ineffective routes, and poor driving habits, eat away at your budget and productivity. With razor thin margins and the potential for public scrutiny, our fleet management software allows you to cut waste.

As the public sector is so varied, we work closely with our customers to identify their needs and meet business objectives. 

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Improve Driver Behaviour

Teletrac Navman fleet management solutions allows you to utilise GPS data for insight into bad habits, such as speed, safety, and harsh braking, allowing you to adopt a complete road safety strategy. 

Turn this data into action for improved driver training. Attentive drivers not only reduce wear and tear on vehicles but also help keep themselves and the public safe.

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Meet Compliance Standards

Compliance reigns supreme in the public sector. We have vast experience listening and understanding the concerns of public employees and the desire to help meet strict requirements.

Teletrac Navman provides better insight into fleet usage and identifies potential violations. Proactively detect and mitigate risks, in compliance with all work, health, and safety standards.

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Private Mileage

Privacy and security play a role in virtually every aspect of government and public sector. You need to protect not only your own information but potentially that of your constituents.

Teletrac Navman solutions are compliant and are built with data privacy in mind, so that you can focus your energy on other things.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions, and we’re here to help

In order to measure efficient fuel use, government agencies can do the following three things.

  1. Choose a measurement, the most common being MPG.
  2. Track this measurement across the entire fleet.
  3. Communicate results and performance, setting improvement targets and choosing a strategy for meeting them.

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Driver training is crucial to developing a consistent culture of road safety. The three steps to creating a successful driver training program are:

  1. Measure driver behaviour for things like sudden speeding and harsh braking.
  2. Establish a training programme that is both relevant and focused.
  3. Sustain the programme with continual provision of feedback and driver incentives.

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Insurance companies make decisions on premium costs based on claim histories – the record of events that indicates whether a commercial vehicle operator is a good risk. You may be eligible for lower premiums if you keep violations and accidents to a minimum. Train your drivers well and track their behaviour to reduce your risk of either.

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