Driver Safety Solutions for Your Business

Promote and monitor safe driving in a single platform

Develop a fleet driver safety program designed to measure risk and communicate safe driving principles to your drivers. With a driver safety solution from Teletrac Navman, businesses can record and benchmark against driver data, including poor driving behaviours; assign drivers a score based on their performance; and view incidents in real-time with Safety Analytics with integrated dashboard camera.


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Driver Safety Solution


Driver Event Viewer


Get real-time insights and alerts into driver behaviour with our event viewer, which provides instant replays of incidents, allowing managers to visualise driver behaviour second-by-second on a Google Maps interface.

  • Measure, record and send automatic alerts for harsh breaking, cornering and acceleration
  • Get a complete view of events with high definition telematics and forward facing dashboard camera footage
  • Use our driver ID solutions to assign activity to drivers who operate multiple vehicles

Driver Scorecard


See fleet wide safety performance in real time and drill down to view individual driver scorecards and identify your highest risk drivers. Communicate performance trends across your team with ease and create driver safety improvement plans that will have a tangible impact on reducing risk.

  • Benchmark and report on driver behaviour for high-impact debriefs
  • Build custom reports and dashboards to view the data you want, when you want it
  • Get instant driver alerts in-cab and back office
Fully Integrated Dashboard Camera

Fully Intergrated Dashboard Camera

Fully Integrated Dashboard Camera

Teletrac Navman Safety Analytics with integrated dashboard camera will change the way fleet managers look at driver safety and insurance premiums. Part of the DIRECTOR platform, dashboard cameras continuously record HD video, which is stored on the cloud. Incidents, such as harsh braking or harsh cornering, can trigger video capture, which is then displayed in the DIRECTOR dashboard.

  • Get video up to 30 seconds before and 60 seconds after an incident
  • Access HD footage in the cloud at no additional expense
  • View video footage side-by-side with event replays on Google Maps





The Safety Analytics module in DIRECTOR gives you the insight to develop a driver safety program that measures risk and communicates safe driving practices across your business. By integrating dashboard camera technology with high definition telematics data you can implement training that is personalised and relevant to your drivers and easily develop driver safety incentive programs.


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