Fleet Safety

Simplify fleet risk management and protect your business

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Fleet Safety Software

Are you taking charge of creating and maintaining a safe fleet?

Whether you run an on-road fleet or manage off-road assets, you will be familiar with the challenges of managing the safety of a remote workforce. Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR has been developed to simplify fleet risk management, by bringing together a wide range of compliance, driver behaviour and maintenance solutions into a single application. With access to fleet safety data in easy to use dashboards and reports DIRECTOR will equip your business to optimise fleet safety.

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Driver Behaviour Management

Get access to high definition driver behaviour analysis including, speeding, harsh breaking, aggressive acceleration and sharp corning. In real-time review integrated dashboard camera footage and fully understand the cause of incidents on the road.

  • Identify high risk behaviours and educate drivers with clear reports and dashboard camera footage
  • See dashboard camera recordings for all incidents
  • Use high definition incident data to see second by second incident analytics

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Driver Training

Instantly create real-time driver performance scorecards and develop high impact training programs based on an individual’s driver behaviour. Automatically create driver league tables and develop incentive programs designed to encourage safe driving across your business.

  • Instantly generate driver scorecards for high impact de-briefs
  • Bring classroom training to life with real world examples of dashboard camera footage
  • Give drivers in vehicle feedback with head-up training aids

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Fleet Maintenance

Simplify maintenance and ensure your fleet is ready for the road. Track vehicle odometer mileage and engine run time to automatically create maintenance schedules that maximise vehicle up time. Keep your fleet road legal and meet safety obligation to your staff.

  • Receive reports and alerts on upcoming and overdue maintenance needs
  • Capture daily driver inspection reports and act on faults
  • Generate an audit trail of inspections and maintenance completed

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Beyond Fleet Safety

Improving fleet safety goes beyond keeping your drivers safe on the road, it also brings financial benefits through reduced costs and better reputation management. Lower your fuel spend, maintenance bills and insurance premiums with your fleet safety program.

  • Cut fuel spend by eliminating aggressive driving
  • Reduce maintenance costs through driver performance management
  • Lower insurance premiums by improving your claims history

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