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Teletrac Navman

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Full Visibility into Your Business

Change the way you look at your business and get a big-picture view with detailed and accurate information in real- time.

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High-Level Fleet Visibility

A Solution Designed Specifically for Business Owners and Executives

With automated reporting, data dashboards and real-time alerts – all customisable – Teletrac Navman fleet management software easily grows with your business while providing business owners and executives the ability to see only the metrics they value most. Cut-through the analytical clutter to see a high-level overview of your business’ health in a single location, allowing your team to make crucial and informed decisions.

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Fleet Manager Software 1017X601

Fleet Tracking Tools

Everything You Need to Keep your Business Operating Profitably

Fleet Performance Reporting

Performance Reporting

Get real-time visibility into how your fleet is performing learn the safety of your employees, operational efficiency, predict maintenance issues and prevent unsatisfied customers. Receive automated reports on your schedule and see the information you want when you want it. Review customised reports by user or department to ensure everyone in your organisation is on the same page. Spend less time chasing down information and more time growing your business.

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Cost Management

Cost Management

With a high-level overview of your entire operation you can easily identify inefficiencies, control costs and make better, faster decisions. Drill down into specific areas, such as fuel and maintenance, to better understand your major cost centers. Get real-time alerts or scheduled notification when costs exceed pre-determined thresholds for better accountability. Teletrac Navman delivers industry-leading technology designed to keep your fleet on the road and your business profitable.

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Fleet Safety

Fleet Safety

Focus on creating a culture of safety and get full visibility into safety incidents as they occur. Teletrac Navman fleet management software is designed from the ground up with safety in mind – the safety of your employees, your customers and your vehicles. Simplified tools make communication and reporting easier than ever and real-time alerts means you’ll never be in the dark again.

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Fleet Visibility 570X543

Customer Satisfaction

Driving between different customer locations throughout the day is unpredictable, even on a good day. Road construction, traffic, customer cancellations, and driver breaks all change the flow of your fleet.

With full visibility into your fleet’s locations and the ability to communicate quickly with drivers, you can reduce many of those unknowns. Watch your customer satisfaction soar when your team arrives on time.

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Assettrackingsensors 570X543

Asset Tracking Sensors

Our Asset Tracking Sensors are small GPS units, which use the latest IoT (Internet of Things) networks, and they’re ideal for keeping track of non-powered assets such as containers, generators, skip bins, tools and construction equipment.

Our ATS1 and ATS2 devices can both be self-installed in seconds, and then you're able to report on equipment location, activity and utilisation by site. You can also define job sites through GPS geofences and receive alerts on equipment events such as movement from sites after hours indicating potential theft.

Now you can see all your vehicles, machinery, generators and other critical assets together in one system, meaning you can run your business with confidence and accelerate your productivity.

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Real Results

Our clients have reported…

Green RGB Maintenance 150X150 12%

Reduced Maintenance

Reduce Fuel 150X150 30%

Reduced Fuel Consumption

Green RGB Alert 150X150 20%

Reduced Accidents & Violations

Green RGB Support 150X150 15%

Improved Customer Service

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions, and we’re here to help

With more than 30 years of experience in fleet management, we can help you succeed.

Teletrac Navman offers a full suite of customisable reporting and analytics tools, including more than 100 pre-built reports and our intuitive, easy-to-use Build-Your-Own-Report (BYOR) tool. Popular reports include vehicle utilisation, fuel use, driver behaviour and maintenance.

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We provide all the tools necessary for a smooth implementation, including access to our Professional Services team, which provides white-glove implementation support, training and more. Teletrac Navman also offers self-install products with step-by-step tutorials, technical support and live or on-demand role-based product training.

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The key to having an efficient fleet is having the right tools at your fingertips. Teletrac Navman provides real-time insights into your fleet’s performance, including fuel usage, maintenance, driver behaviour, on-time delivery and workflow metrics. Reduce waste and improve efficiencies by tracking idle time or time-on-site to retain your best drivers and do business with only the best distribution centers. With performance data that is easy to understand, fleet owners can make data-based decisions and respond quickly to issues.

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Our Safety Analytics solution closely monitors driver behaviour and produces customisable driver scorecards allowing your safety managers to conduct evidence-based driver coaching conversations and implement driver rewards programs to help you retain your safest drivers. 

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Our Clients

Trusted by industry leaders worldwide

Teletrac Navman’s solution has been so beneficial to us, as we’ve now got 100% visibility of each vehicle, which has provided us with a full picture into the safety and performance of our fleet.

- Aggregate Industries

The workforce has responded so well to us improving driving standards and be more efficient with our fleet operations, that our fuel card supplier contacted us to ask whether something had happened within business!

- Petroassist UK

We're reliant on delivering everything in a timely manner, DIRECTOR has had a really positive impact on streamlining operations, meaning we can continue to provide excellent, reliable customer service.

- OCS Group


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