The true cost of ignoring
a road safety strategy

Road safety and managing road risk is an increasingly important part of running a fleet of vehicles. But don’t be fooled into thinking that road safety is simply about ensuring people don’t get hurt and vehicles don’t get damaged.

Road safety impacts a whole host of fleet issues including your social responsibility and compliance. But the biggest issue hides in plain sight – and that is the enormous impact poor road safety can have on your business’ finances.

That’s why we’ve created our road safety checklist to help fleet managers and business owners understand where the risks lie and what you can do to remain safe, shield your business and protect your finances.


Poor road safety can be very expensive. Fleet experts suggest that the real cost of a road incident is between x4 and x32 the cost of just repairing the vehicle. Are you aware of these hidden costs that might not be covered by insurance?
Damage or loss of
Loss of contracts
Lost time
Investigation time
Sick pay
Production delays
Legal costs

How much financial burden
can your business handle?

the Safety Checklist

social responsibility

As a company owner or fleet manager, you have a social responsibility to ensure your staff are driving safely. Fail to address unsafe behaviour can impact public safety, environmental wellness and your bottom line.
Harsh braking
High CO2 emissions
Damaged vehicles
Bad parking

Would a bad reputation
damage your business?

the Safety Checklist

Risk Management

Without a robust risk management strategy, you have no assurance that your drivers are safe on the roads. It’s advisable to instate a screening process, regular training and to make use of technology to help monitor and manage driver behaviour.
Score cards
Phone blocking apps
Driver screening
Regular driver
Regular vehicle
Regular training

Are you doing enough
to prevent road accidents?

the Safety Checklist