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Fleet Management for the Road Transport Industry

Take poll position in today’s competitive transport environment

Make every journey count with a telematics solution designed to meet the needs of the road transport industry. Initiate decisions with confidence when real time, actionable data and 20/20 visibility is always available via desktop or mobile. Monitor and analyse fleet performance from one software platform and achieve operation excellence.



Get set, go!

Rev up productivity and lead the way in efficiency with essential KPI performance insight at your fingertips every moment of the day. Meet your demanding business objectives and move the needle on productivity, efficiency and customer service - instant reports and dynamic dashboards always keep you on track.

  • Get performance insight on your fleet.
  • Dashboards provide clear visuals on performance.
  • Drill down to see the root cause of gaps with detailed reporting.

Excellence in compliance risk management

Reap the rewards of administrative efficiency by streamlining your compliance and risk management processes with exceptional fleet solutions. We help you to navigate the challenges of regulatory compliance and harness operational efficiency. Develop a long term risk management strategy with the right solutions; from powerful vehicle maintenance tools to driver brilliant behaviour management insight.

  • Streamline compliance processes.
  • Keep your vehicle in tip top condition.
  • Deliver best in class driver performance. 

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