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Consultation is the key

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

For many organisations, time and financial pressures have accelerated a move to smarter ways of working by adopting digital transformation.


Today, businesses are under increasing pressure to maximise resources, make more informed decisions and eliminate poor performance.

Indeed, for operators with large – often mixed – fleets, coupled with complex operational requirements, these demands are particularly acute when it comes to choosing the right telematics solution to meet the needs of the organisation and deliver success over an extended period.

Many operators are also faced with the added challenge of undergoing a detailed tender process when procuring a fleet management solution, which involves citing necessary specifications the telematics contract must fulfil. These can range from traditional telematics requirements, such as logging driver hours and vehicle tracking data, through to more recent considerations like promoting fleet de-carbonisation and identifying when and where to switch to electric vehicles.

Organisations can fall foul during the process if something is overlooked in the specification. In the best-case scenario, this results in a loss of valuable time as the tender must be repeated. Worst-case, the wrong solution is purchased, which could lead to more severe implications. 

So how can large fleet operators ensure they identify the correct fleet management solution to meet the requirements of their organisation and, if necessary, conduct a thorough tender process with a comprehensive contract specification?

Consultation is the key here. Only by getting under the skin of an organisation – understanding the business goals, seeing first-hand how the fleet operates, engaging with internal stakeholders and developing an understanding of the common challenges they face – can telematics providers recommend a solution that will meet customer needs.

In addition, a Proof of Concept pilot can offer a chance for operators to get hands on experience with a telematics platform, prior to signing any agreement. This is not only a great way of highlighting any internal barriers to overcome in adopting a new system, it can also help organisations carrying out a tender process to identify any contract specification requirements that may have been missed.

At Teletrac Navman, we are expert advisers in helping organisations achieve digital transformation through advanced fleet management and operational excellence. Our focus is to build technology, through detailed PoC solutions, that helps customers become more efficient, sustainable, and environmentally responsible. We centre our processes around customers’ needs and by taking the approach to listen first we can build solutions that meet these requirements and deliver faster return on investment (ROI).

Once we identify the right solution, our team will work with organisations to design enterprise-level solutions that are the right fit and work the way they need, with a future-focused mission based on advanced analytics and artificial intelligence.

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