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Teletrac Navman

Fleet Management Software to Simplify Your Operations

Have complete visibility of your entire fleet operations with accurate, reliable data.

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Fleet Management Software

Simplify complexity across your fleet.

Whether you’re managing a fast-moving, high-volume fleet or making long hauls to remote locations, our vehicle tracking software gives you powerful insights in an intuitive interface to keep your business moving.

Non Profit Software 1017X601 (1)

Fleet Management System Features

Everything you need to keep your fleet moving.

Fleet Visibility 570X543

Universal Fleet Visibility

Monitor your entire fleet in real time with our fleet management software. Between GPS location tracking for both powered and non-powered assets, fuel usage monitoring, and maintenance record management, you will always have the full picture of your assets.

  • Instantly track vehicles and equipment with vehicle mapping.
  • Get quick, reliable and auditable communication.
  • Automate compliance and dispatching with connected workflows.

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Tachograph 570X543


Eliminate hours of paperwork and track essential information as it happens with easy, accurate, automated compliance information. Our team of industry experts track driver hour regulations across the UK as they evolve, to help your business remain compliant.

  • Automate Tachograph reporting to reduce human error and keep drivers safe.
  • Sync, log, and store data securely in the cloud to simplify audits.
  • See everything through one lens, meaning you can maximise driving time, remain compliant and keep your drivers safe.

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Safety Fleet 570X543


Of all the assets you manage, none are more important than your people. Our fleet tracking system provides comprehensive data, real-time alerts, compliance capabilities and training make safety second-nature. Our asset and fleet management solution offers a range of fleet safety features, including:

  • Driver scorecards to benchmark unsafe behaviours, such as harsh braking, cornering, and acceleration.
  • Synchronised alerts with dashboard camera feeds to record and view driving incidents.
  • Low-distraction driver training aids and alerts on the road.

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Maintenance Fuel 570X543

Maintenance & Fuel

Keep your business growing and stay on the road with our fleet maintenance and fuel management modules. Reduce equipment downtime and save money with real-time engine diagnostics, fuel usage monitoring and idling reports. Always have the tools you need to effectively manage your maintenance and fuel costs at your fingertips.

  • Monitor idling and excessive fuel burn with easy-to-read reports and alerts.
  • Receive instant alerts on driver behaviour, fuel usage, and maintenance issues.
  • Schedule recurring preventative maintenance and track fuel purchases to ensure your fleet is cost-effective.

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UK Business Intelligence Fleet 570X543 (1) (1)

Business Intelligence

Bring your business data to life with powerful insights to make informed decisions. With the right fleet management software you can visualise your fleet and asset performance in a way that makes sense for your business. Access information securely with customisable dashboards, reports, and real-time alerts.

  • Track your organisation’s most critical KPIs in one simple view.
  • Build your own reports with data you need, set goals, and measure performance.
  • Customise alerts to react quickly to critical situations.

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Evreadiness 570X543

EV Readiness

A recent report states that if all 5.3 million fleet vehicles were to switch from internal combustion engines to electric, we would see a saving of as much as 30 million tonnes of CO2, equating to roughly 25% of all UK transport emissions.

An enormous number, and one which our product delves into a lot more for you. Though the question on the minds of fleet managers here is more often than not: "what does this look like for my business?"

The EV Readiness Tool can tell you exactly that. It uses its sophisticated AI technology to deliver a report based on the total environmental benefits you would see by switching to electric; from reductions in CO2 emissions and fuel consumption savings.

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Find the perfect fleet management software

Our range of solutions can meet your business needs now and grow with you in to the future

Get started with telematics

Have complete visibility of your entire fleet operations with accurate, reliable data

  • Realtime fleet tracking
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Idle time monitoring
  • Replay a day viewer 
  • Timesheets
When your fleet is central to your business

Complete solution for compliance, safety and 3rd party integrations. Everything in Essential +

  • Driver behaviour
  • High definition GPS tracking
  • Safety Analytics
  • Driver scorecard and KPIs
  • Dynamic dashboard
  • Customisable alerts
Built to your unique needs

Driving your business to the next level with a customised solution built for you

  • Adopt a digital transformation
  • Automate and schedule reports
  • Meet compliance needs
  • Introduce a connected workflow
  • API support
  • Connected Camera solutions

Fleet Management Software

Key system features

Workflow Fleet Management Software 650X365 (1)

Work smarter with two-way messaging, custom forms and proof of delivery. Send live routing and road condition updates, and proactively alert customers of delays. Capture job information on your device, which integrates seamlessly with back-office systems.

Geofence Fleet Management Software 650X365 (1)

Mark GPS boundaries around a location and monitor entries and exits to track arrival and departure times, unauthorised movement, and driver behaviours in sensitive areas. Build reports in your fleet management software that automate data capture for accounting, payroll, training, and compliance teams.

Driver Behavior Safety Fleet Management Software 650X365 (1)

Driver scorecards offer reports and alerts for unsafe behaviours, such as harsh braking, sharp cornering, or rapid acceleration. When a critical event occurs, get all the details alongside accurate video footage with our integrated dashboard camera.

Fleet Management Software

Frequently Asked Questions

Fleet management software uses GPS technology to provide constant, real-time updates into the exact location of fleet assets. A GPS tracking device, cameras and other sensors installed in the vehicle record and transmit data via a cellular network. A cloud-based software program then analyzes and presents the data on clear, easy-to-understand dashboards and other reports.

The amount you will pay for a fleet management solution depends on the size of your fleet and how many assets you need to track. Most fleet management software providers, including Teletrac Navman, operate on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, meaning you pay a monthly subscription fee per tracked asset.

Key performance indicators related to cost control and budget adherence are always important to track, including total cost per mile and total fuel expenses. KPIs related to safety and driver behavior are critical. They allow you to guarantee that your vehicles, your drivers, and others on the road are as safe as possible at all times. 

Yes, fleet management software helps guarantee fleet compliance by digitally logging items, such as hours of service, in compliance with the electronic logging device mandate. 

This will vary depending on the provider you choose to work with. At Teletrac Navman, you get support through the purchasing phase up through deployment. Dedicated team members are also available to help 24/7/365.

Our professional services team provides white-glove support throughout the entire process, and a dedicated account manager helps ensure success throughout the life of the relationship.

Yes, you can use fleet management software to track the cost of maintenance across your business. Measuring items, such as repair turnover rate, can help you adhere to your preventative maintenance schedule and prevent unexpected downtime. It can also help you identify the ideal schedule for vehicle maintenance and replacement as well. 

Fleet tracking software can track vehicle issues, including routine maintenance and other comparable problems. This allows you to identify problems or trends that frequently occur, allowing you to either repair them or identify when a vehicle needs to be replaced with something more reliable as quickly as possible. 



Connecting your vehicles to your fleet management software

Teletrac Navman hardware is easy to install in all your equipment.

Alt Text


Plug-and-play devices to start tracking assets instantly

Managed Install Hardware 255X140

Managed Install

Hard-wired, tamper resistant devices for your most valuable assets

Ruggedized Hardware 255X140


IP67 rated for hard-working equipment and long hauls

Battery Solar Powered Hardware 255X140

Battery & Solar Powered

GPS tracking for non-powered assets

Your Success 

We're with you every step of the way

Software alone isn’t the answer; we're here to work with you. Our professional teams are on hand to help you with getting to grips with our system, whether that be added training, customer support, or simply to talk you through fleet set up and reporting. Any questions you may have about your fleet management software we'd be happy to help. 

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Your Success 570X440

We trialled one or two products in the past but weren’t happy with the service. We decided to go with Teletrac Navman because of their driver ID feature and the user-friendly software.

- Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service

The workforce has responded so well to our Managing Director’s challenge to improve driving standards and be more efficient with our fleet operations, that our fuel card supplier contacted us to ask whether something had happened within business!

- Petroassist UK

Teletrac Navman won us over with a flawless approach, followed by first-rate consultancy and execution. The introduction of our SUEZ Dashboard has been operation-changing – I can’t even begin to tell you the difference it has made



Everything you need to know about fleet management software