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Smartnav Journey Management

Your Personal Journey Management System: Where time is money, Smartnav is the only system proven to beat the jams and get you to your destination faster than any other navigation system. Smartnav guides you intelligently, avoiding traffic jams, hold-ups and all kinds of other frustrations.

Of course, destinations are easily entered using the colour touch screen, but unlike other systems Smartnav gives you the option of speaking to a real person available any time of the day or night 24/7 365 days a year. So whether you want a Pizza in Pisa, a chip shop in Chepstow or a Honda dealer in Hounslow, just select 'Call PA' to get connected to a real person. We'll look up the destination and send it straight to your Smartnav unit. Just tell us the address, the postcode, the business name or the place of interest and we'll get you there.

We're always there when you need help, if your vehicle breaks down we can connect you to your chosen roadside assistance provider and in the event of an emergency you can connect direct to the emergency services, wherever you are.

Much more than Navigation: use Smartnav to ensure you arrive calm and relaxed. Just touch and go – it couldn’t be simpler. It’s simple, but really smart.

Smartnav can alert you to zones monitored by safety cameras, ensuring you drive safely within the legal limits. In addition to any of the following optional services:

  • If your car gets stolen, we can help to track and locate it. *
  • You can extend the Smartnav navigation service to include European Navigation when driving on mainland Western Europe.**
  • Warnings when approaching, entering and leaving the Congestion Charging Zone in central London
  • Helps you avoid toll roads where possible

* Extended service
** Countries covered are Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. Please note European Navigation does NOT include traffic information so please allow plenty of time for your journey in case of any hold-ups. Activation of this service is subject to a set-up delay of 2 working days - please bear this in mind when planning your journey.

Enjoy visual guidance as well as spoken instructions with a removable colour Touchscreen. See where to go, as well as the distance to your next manoeuvre, destination and Estimated Time of Arrival. Type in your destination via postcode or address entry, store your 20 favourite destinations and the last 5 places Smartnav guided you to, PLUS access our Control Centre to speak to a Personal Assistant.

The detailed street level maps are both simple and clear. A green line shows your route ahead while your speed, estimated time of arrival and current time are displayed across the bottom. Your current location and direction are shown using our Trafficmaster icon. Thankfully, it is easily removed from view to deter envious thieves.


  •  Detailed UK and European Colour mapping
  •  Displays accurate GPS based speed, current time, and ETA
  •  Visual Speed camera warning (needs subscription)
  •  Visual CCZ warning
  •  The choice of a 3D or 2D main view
  •  Smartnav route displayed on map as a green overlay
  •  Smartnav directions displayed in right hand corner, with next turn distance
  •  Autozoom function to increase the detail of junctions
  •  Separate map view with pan/zoom facility
  •  Settings for volume, brightness, autozoom, CCZ, Speed display, clock

It also features a useful quick-access fly-in bar to show volume, suspend, resume and re-route functions. When not on a route, it allows quick-access to enter a route by address, postcode, last and favourites.

Smartnav is different – it really is. To get your hands on one call 0345 521 1144, or email us for more information.


Customer Services

Email Smartnav Support



Call us now  0345 521 1144 to find out more.

Special Offer

- Smartnav plus button and screen special offer:  £349* includes 1 month of free tracking, safespeed and navigation with 150 PA routes
- Smartnav plus button only special offer:  £249* includes 1 month of free tracking, safespeed and navigation with 150 PA routes
- Add 12 months European Navigation £111.31
Call 0345 604 5433, or email uk.support@teletracnavman.com 
*Terms and conditions apply.

Safe Speed Safety Camera Warning

Upgrade your Smartnav to include Safe Speed.  Smartnav will alert you to zones monitored by fixed safety cameras, reminding you to drive safely and within the legal limits.  Fully integrated with the Smartnav navigation software.  Call a PA 24/7 via your touchscreen or button, or email uk.support@teletracnavman.com to find out more.

Stolen Vehicle Tracking

Upgrade your Smartnav Navigation Subscription to include Stolen Vehicle Tracking, to enjoy the benefits that Smartnav brings, plus, the peace of mind that a Stolen Vehicle Tracking Subscription means that if your vehicle is stolen; we will track it and work closely with the Police to pinpoint its location every 20 seconds, to help recover it. Call a PA 24/7 via your touchscreen or button or email uk.support@teletracnavman.com to find out more.

Call us now: 0345 521 1144

Buy Now: Where time is money, Smartnav is the only system proven to beat the jams and get you to your destination faster than any other navigation system. Smartnav guides you intelligently, avoiding traffic jams, hold-ups and all kinds of other frustrations. uk.support@teletracnavman.com

Renew Renew your subscriptions online by setting up a direct debit, or by debit or credit card over the phone or via the Call PA function. Take the hassle out of renewing your subscriptions each year and ensure you have continued service. Please note that following the setup of your online direct debit, activation of the service may take up to 2 working days if it has already expired. uk.support@teletracnavman.com


As a safety and battery precaution the detachable screen should be removed when the vehicle is not in use.  If your colour touchscreen freezes, please insert a pin-like object into the small reset hole situated on the side of the screen.  To select Points of Interest on the new Colour Touchscreen:  There are 2 types of address entry > on board address entry & off board address entry. For using the POI feature, switch to Onboard address entry.

Notice to Smartnav mobile subscribers

The Smartnav mobile services have been discontinued. If you wish to speak to us about this and/or wish to purchase an in vehicle Smartnav subscription, please contact us on 0345 521 1144.

Congestion Charging Zone

Customers using Smartnav automatically receive notifications from their unit when near to, entering and exiting the Congestion Charging Zone.   You have the ability to switch off these notifications if you have a Touchscreen, or by emailing Smartnav.  It is the sole responsibility of the Customer to ascertain whether or not they are liable to pay Congestion Charges.