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Fleet Management Software

Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR™ - Designed to Simplify Fleet Management

Fleet Management Software

“Teletrac Navman’s telematics solution has saved the council on average £8,400 a month since March 2017 through fuel reduction”

Shetland Islands Council





Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR, the multi award winning fleet management software, gives fleet owners full visibility into fleet performance and mobile resource activity.
DIRECTOR is the fleet management software driving efficiency for more than 40,000 businesses worldwide, helping its customers manage over 500,000 assets.

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Fleet Visibility

Monitor your fleet of vehicles from anywhere on the planet in real-time, including location tracking, fuel usage and maintenance records. Verify mobile workforce activities easily from the office or on the go.

  • Vehicle Mapping - Instantly track vehicles and equipment
  • Effective Communication - Quick, reliable and auditable
  • Connected Workflow - Automate compliance and dispatching

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Streamline safety and compliance processes, eliminate hours of paperwork and avoid costly fines and penalties with our all-in-one fleet management software. DIRECTOR monitors and reports on Corporate Manslaughter, the Working Time Directive and Tax Compliance.

  • Corporate Manslaughter - Duty of Care
  • The Working Time Directive - Tachograph monitoring
  • Tax Compliance - Managing business mileage expenses

Go beyond basic compliance

Fleet Safety

Create a safe environment for your drivers and save money on insurance premiums with the range of fleet safety solutions built into the DIRECTOR Fleet Management Software. 

  • Driver scorecards – Visualise driving trends and share driver performance reports
  • Event Viewer – View unsafe driving incidents in real-time with second-by-second replays
  • In-Vehicle Notifications – take training on the road with driver training aids

Fleet safety analytics solution

Reporting & Analytics


Access information securely with customisable dashboards, reports and real-time alerts. We strive to bring fleet management software to life by creating simple tools that enable you to visualise your fleet’s performance in the way that you want.

  • Dynamic Dashboard – Track your organisation’s most critical KPIs
  • Automated Reports – Visualise the data you want and set specific goals
  • Customisable Alerts – React quickly to unexpected situations

Receive powerful fleet data

Heavy equipment management

From one application manage all of your assets in real time and take control of on-road efficiency and jobsite productivity. Ensure that all of your vehicles and heavy equipment are fully utilised and keep your projects running on schedule.

  • Maximise equipment uptime
  • Reduce cost by minimising idle time
  • Increase efficiency by optimising scheduling

Heavy equipment management solution

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Stay on top of compliance requirements and reduce paperwork

Fleet Safety

Access fleet data in a single platform to optimise your fleet safety program

Heavy Equipment Management

Whether satellite or mobile, on-road or off-road, you are always connected