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Comprehensive Fleet Management Solution

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Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR

DIRECTOR Fleet Management System

Software Designed to Simplify Fleet Management

With Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR you can direct your fleet and mobile workforce using a single platform. DIRECTOR is the fleet management solution and GPS fleet tracking solution that drives efficiency for over 40,000 businesses worldwide.

By maximising productivity, Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR helps companies across a wide range of industries serve their customers in the best way possible, providing a solid base to grow any business. DIRECTOR adapts to the needs of fleets of any size and helps businesses create improved success stories every day.

Use GPS fleet management to reduce operational complexity and increasing overall revenue. From field operations and legal compliance to asset management and driver safety, DIRECTOR allows you to leverage the technology your vehicles already contain — and provides you a competitive edge.

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GPS Fleet Management Solutions

Your vehicles and other physical assets keep you in business, and their performance is key to profitability — making the best use of them while safeguarding this sizable investment. Information is vital: DIRECTOR provides 24/7 access to the right data, helping users make insightful decisions quickly with minimal risk.


  • Vehicle location, driver status, geofencing, traffic updates, event replay
  • Instant vehicle and driver data at the job site or on the road
  • Top-level view for monitoring all vehicles, with fleets of any size


  • Navigation function that translates an assigned route into detailed driving directions
  • Comparison of planned and actual travel to optimise routing on the move
  • Routing by distance or destination to allow for more productivity

Vehicle Analytics

  • Vehicle monitoring enroute or idling to keep track of performance
  • Real-time alerts to stay on top of regular maintenance schedules
  • Complete picture on how to optimise fuel consumption and vital statistics on vehicle performance

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Connected Workflow

Simplify fleet management with effective communication — instant, clear and in both directions between the office and the field. This means that objectives are understood, duplication of effort is avoided, and less time and money go to waste. With DIRECTOR the communication channel is accessible during all phases of operations, to minimise delays and keep everything moving with maximum efficiency.

Two-Way Messaging

  • Keep drivers and dispatchers connected throughout the day
  • Create and send unique custom forms for your business processes
  • Route requests, job site locations

Proactive Management

  • Live updates on vehicle use for monitoring activity on the road
  • Driver behavior monitoring that provides an objective record
  • Alerts configurable to appear in cab and help sharpen driving skills

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      Simplify compliance with a Teletrac Navman fleet management solution that is designed to streamline your compliance programme. Get the insight needed to manage risk effectively and increase efficiency by creating a solid road safety culture within your business.

      Smarter, Better Compliance

      • Stay on top of regulatory requirements via one platform
      • A clearly defined criteria to facilitate management decision-making
      • Create a world-class road safety culture

      Fleet Maintenance

      • Inspection module for tracking service, optimising schedules
      • Reduction or elimination of paperwork
      • Display for quick roadside inspection

      Duty of Care And HMRC regulations

      • Schedule vehicle maintenance tasks
      • Automated vehicle mileage and engine hours data
      • Distinguish between business and private mileage

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      Driver Safety

      Fleet managers know that practicing safe driving habits is important for many reasons. It protects drivers and the general public on the road. Safe driving lowers operating costs. It reduces loss, and preserves a company’s good record with regulators and insurers. DIRECTOR can help reinforce safe driving practices and equip drivers to handle the unexpected.

      Driver Scorecards

      • Quantitative, objective measure of driver performance
      • Allows for ranking of drivers, for decisions on compensation or retention
      • Patterns of individual or group driver activity to identify areas needing improvement

      Event Viewer

      • Can record unsafe driving events and play them on an interactive screen
      • Useful for developing a training program for each driver
      • A record that can be evidence in potential litigation

      In-Vehicle Notifications

      • Real-time alerts while on the road
      • Can notify driver when safety boundaries are exceeded
      • May include a driver overview of violations after a trip

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