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DIRECTORTM for fleet intelligence

Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR is built to exceed the needs of modern fleet management. We take pride in empowering businesses to achieve more and no matter how challenging your company goals may seem, we have a platform that helps you achieve your objectives. Whether you want to reduce costs, increase productivity or simply stay ahead of maintenance needs - Teletrac Navman will help you investigate, discover and learn. Flexibility is paramount, so we offer a tailored solution for your business with multiple options to meet your needs and improve ROI. 

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Qtanium ConnectTM for heavy equipment

Qtanium Connect, Teletrac Navman’s specialised asset management solution for heavy equipment and mixed fleets, is the only solution of its kind on the market. By centralising all data from OEM telematics units, Qtanium Connect gives you a single view of all heavy construction equipment, letting you analyse and maximise your fleet’s performance with speed and ease. Businesses can monitor location, use, and maintenance needs for diverse assets on one screen. The platform can also connect with DIRECTOR to provide an overall view of a company’s vehicles, equipment and drivers. 

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Fleet and Asset Management

Keep your fleet running smoothly to heighten productivity


Stay on top of compliance requirements and eliminate paperwork

Connected Workflow

Streamline your business operations with a highly connected workforce

Driver Behaviour and Safety

Protect the road, your reputation, and your revenues

Heavy Equipment Management

Whether satellite or mobile, on-road or off-road, you are always connected

Professional Services

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