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TS24 - The Telematics Survey 2024


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Embark on a journey through the dynamic landscape of fleet industries, where the intersection of innovation, adaptation and sustainability is reshaping the industry.

In this transformative era, TS24 reveals that economic challenges, societal shifts, and heightened sustainability expectations are leaving fleet operators at a pivotal crossroads. Success in this new landscape now hinges on talent retention amid workforce changes and rising costs, and the emphasis remains on cultivating an effective work-life balance that aligns with employee values.

At the same time, the report also reveals that fleets are proactively planning transitions to alternative fuels, responding to accessible energy infrastructures, and adhering to cross-regional government mandates in an effort to remain competitive, and achieve compliance with regional sustainability mandates.

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Visual Improve Efficiency

Streamlined Insights:

Discover the transformative power of telematics, a game-changer in efficient fleet operations.

Through the TS24 report, we discover that a remarkable 96% of respondents have reported tangible savings, whether through streamlined administration, improved fuel efficiency, or reduced overall operational costs. 47% of fleet operators are also actively integrating AI tools into their tech-stack, in order to simplify complex processes, and ensure accurate, efficient automation to propel them into the future.

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Safety at the Core:

Recognizing the profound impact of the cost-of-living crisis on driver well-being, over half of respondents in the TS24 report are prioritizing mental health.

Taking decisive action, 27% have already implemented recognition and rewards programs, 25% plan to introduce performance-based bonuses, and 24% are enhancing overall benefits to support and retain drivers, all proving that even in the face of global economic challenges and tight budgets, investing in driver talent and retention proves non-negotiable for fleet operators navigating the complexities of today's landscape.

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Safety and Wellbeing
Visual Sustainability

Sustainability in Action

TS24 reveals that the majority of global transportation managers are already operating a mixed energy fleet, and the concept of transitioning to a fully carbon-zero fleet within the next decade has been widely accepted as a plan of action.

However, barriers such as newly emerging technologies, a high purchase cost of electric vehicles (EVs) and limited public charging infrastructures across the globe, are causing some operators to hit pause on their decarbonisation plans, especially as 56% of respondents do not expect their local governments to go ahead with mandates to transition to sustainable energy.

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