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GPS tracking allows businesses to know where their vehicles are, where they have been, and where they will be tomorrow and the months ahead. A comprehensive GPS fleet management platform does more than vehicle location — it provides metrics such as vehicle speed, engine performance, driver behaviour, progress towards job completion, and more. It takes the guesswork out of daily management. With access to this information, businesses can make integral decisions about their fleet including route optimisation, maintenance needs, asset availability and utilisation.

How can fleets make smart financial decisions to increase profitability?

By incorporating intelligent resources and business tools within a fleet, companies can grow their bottom line. Running a fleet with moving parts requires discipline and access to data to make informed decisions. GPS tracking software provides the clear insight that businesses need to make stable decisions that increase profitability.

How can businesses safeguard their reputation?

Every time a vehicle leaves the yard, it becomes a reflection of the company to the public. GPS tracking software offers tools to monitor driver behaviour on the road, reduce accidents, and maintain satisfactory driving habits. When drivers are safe, the company reputation is safe.

How can businesses ensure customer needs are met at a satisfactory level?

With a GPS tracking solution that includes messaging tools and optimised routing features, drivers can reach destinations on time. Managers can also run planned vs. actual reports to detect inefficient travel times. Keeping customers happy from order to delivery encourages customer satisfaction and positive word of mouth. 

Can compliance be easily tracked?

Not only can compliance be easily tracked, it can positively contribute to multiple layers of a company. Staying compliant can reduce the risk of fines, encourage customer trust and improve vehicle maintenance, all producing a strong return on investment.

How can businesses obtain key metrics in order to maintain safer fleets?

GPS fleet management software provides data that would otherwise go unseen. Key driver behaviour metrics are tracked in one platform so that businesses can instantly evaluate the information and gauge their next business decision grounded in safety. By monitoring drivers, businesses can protect them from the hazards of the road.   

How can businesses maintain connection to their fleet while on the go?

Whether at the office or out in the field, staying connected to a fleet is crucial for businesses. GPS tracking software allow users to obtain constant access to their fleet’s location through a mobile device. Mobile alerts of fleet activity such as excessive idling and unauthorised use can be sent via SMS or email.