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UK - Fleet News - Teletrac Navman introduces AI-powered driver distraction detection
Teletrac Navman has enhanced its AI-powered IQ Camera system to include driver distraction, mobile phone usage and drowsy driver detection.
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AU - PowerTorque - Future-Proofing Your Business’ Technology
Remember the iPhone 3G? When it came out in July 2008, it was a big deal. Now, it’s nothing more than a memory for those who lived through that golden era of technology.
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AU - Capital Brief - Hydrogen trucks struggle to make inroads over EVs
Hydrogen fuel cells offer several advantages over EVs when it comes to heavy vehicles. But while EV technology is charging ahead, the cost of hydrogen...
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AU - Fully Loaded - ATA and Teletrac Navman partner to evolve diversity and inclusion program
The new diversity and inclusion partnership between the ATA and Teletrac Navman was announced at Trucking Australia 2024 last week.
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AU - iTWire - The 3G network shutdown is coming – but are we ready?
When it launched nearly two decades ago, 3G opened up the potential of mobile broadband. Suddenly, video streaming, video calls, and fast internet browsing...
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US - Truck News - IQ Camera to detect distracted, drowsy driving
Teletrac Navman has released its driver distraction, cell phone usage, and drowsy driver detection to its AI-powered dashcam and video telematics solution...
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US - AJOT - Teletrac Navman introduces advanced AI-powered safety features to IQ camera for fleet protection and efficiency
The IQ Camera’s video telematics capabilities can identify behavior, such as mobile phone use, erratic head movements and gaze deviations, and help the...
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Global - Press Release - Teletrac Navman Introduces Advanced AI-Powered Safety Features to IQ Camera for Fleet Protection and Efficiency
AI-Powered Dashcam and Video Telematics Solutions to Combat Driver Distraction and Fatigue
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AU - Safety Solutions - Diversity and inclusion program launched for trucking industry
Teletrac Navman, a connected mobility platform for industries that manage vehicle and equipment assets, and the Australian Trucking Association (ATA) have...
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