The 2017 Global Construction Benchmark Report provides quick and valuable insights from nearly 1,200 fleet management and operations professionals from around the world. This free report explores key issues, trends and underlying business drivers affecting fleet management.

A glimpse at the insight you'll receive with your download:

  • Technology is beginning to disrupt the construction industry.
  • Managing costs and growing revenue are top concerns.
  • Optimism in the construction market remains high.
  • A shortage of skilled labor is impeding growth while payroll remains a top expense for companies.

Stay ahead of your competition

Telematics In Construction

Get complete visibility over your assets though a single interface to make the job of equipment management easier. Our Qtanium Connect solution is a unique asset management tool that is built specifically for heavy equipment and mixed fleets.

  • Reliable data for reducing inefficiencies and increasing productivity.
  • Track maintenance needs for asset components, preventing critical breakdowns and losses.
  • Insight on fuel usage patterns, asset utilisation, job-site usage, and maintenance needs. 


Solutions For The Construction Industry

Qtanium Connect gives management the ability to get the most out of their heavy equipment and construction fleets by simplifying data, providing better information for efficiency, enhancing remote jobsite and management capabilities equipment management software.

  • Up-to-the-minute reports on maintenance, routing, fuel consumption, and load scheduling.
  • Direct messaging with staff and vehicle activity replay to understand how vehicles are being driven.
  • QR code quick scan for use at the site to capture essential data in one pass.