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Fleet Management for the Construction Trade Industry

Keep jobs working to your schedule 

Complete more jobs on time and get visibility over remote workforce activity. Ensure your resources are being focussed in the right areas and rectify on site issues causing drops in productivity. Manage driver behaviour, encourage safe driving across your business and reduce vehicle running expense. ​

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Complete more jobs on time

Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR provides you with the visibility to ensure your sites are active throughout day. See how many times personnel are having to leave a site and improve operation planning.

  • See when (and the number) of times vehicles leave site
  • Know when a vehicle enters a specific geographical location
  • Remove the need for resources to leave a job site

Ensure vehicles are only used for work purposes

Get the capability to ensure your business and staff are tax compliant with out-of-hour’s vehicle usage alerts. Reduce spend on fuel and vehicle operating costs by eliminating out of hours mileage.

  • Demonstrate van tax compliance
  • Reduce fuel spend and vehicle wear and tear
  • Ensure your vehicles are where they should be outside of work hours

Improve employee safety

Implement road safety initiatives with ease and protect your team and business reputation. Manage driver behaviour and reduce fuel consumption with clear performance score cards and incident alerting.

  • Limit risk and improve safety on public roads
  • Ensure that the high standard you set are maintained
  • Manage performance effectively to reduce fuel spend

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