What is Geofencing?

What is Geofencing

Geofencing is a technological advancement in GPS fleet management that can be applied in different ways, for varying purposes. As a basic definition, geofencing is simply the capability to use signals from a device to pinpoint that device’s location (known as geolocation or geotracking) and draw a digital boundary to encircle the area, the fencing part of the word.

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How are fleet managers utilising geofencing?

Restricted zone alerting and protecting employees: Fleet managers can obtain reports on which vehicles have strayed into restricted zones, allowing them to action outstanding charges and remind drivers on where they can and can't travel when using company vehicles. Employees can be safeguarded by geofencing data to determine that can determine how a vehicle performed within a certain area, at a specific time. 

Customer invoicing and operational efficiency: Geofencing provides fleet managers with evidence of when a vehicle arrived and departed from a location, providing 100% accuracy for invoicing. Firms which make multiple site deliveries can use geofencing to ensure they receive alerts that enhance efficiency and responsiveness.

Social responsibility: Fleet managers are able to inspire a culture of careful driving in their business as well as bolstering credibility with customers and the general public by use geofencing to set defined criteria for vehicle speeds within specific locations.

Common Applications

Marketers use geotracking and geofencing to send phone messages to consumers who happen to be passing their retail stores — often including a discount coupon for whatever product that person may have been searching for online. Another application of geofencing is to disable a handheld device — for example, a laptop computer — that is carried away from the premises where it is supposed to remain.

In fleet operations, geofencing has long been a valuable tool for fleet managers. It can send them an alert if a vehicle departs from its assigned boundary — and help hasten recovery in the event the vehicle is stolen. Managers can also monitor the time spent within geofence boundaries to determine if drivers are giving attention to the right jobs.

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