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Worrying post-lockdown driving behaviour becoming the new norm

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

According to latest research from Nextbase, one in ten drivers now think it’s more than acceptable to answer a video call whilst operating a vehicle.


Following on from the release of Teletrac Navman's Road Safety Dashboard, and Leasing company Venson Automotive Solutions survey, a fall in driving standards was highlighted as an increasing number of drivers headed back out on to the road.

Following this, the data from Nextbase shows that almost half of the drivers surveyed think it’s fine to use their mobile phones whilst driving, whilst a startling 7% admitted to watching on-demand TV streaming services on long journeys.

Speaking on its latest findings, Bryn Booker, Nextbase Head of Road Safety commented that “the continued use of technology while driving is worrisome, and the latest regulations are looking to crack down on these driving behaviours in order to further reduce the risk for road traffic incidents.”

The research which involved more than 1,000 drivers, found that 11% still believe it is fine to get behind the wheel after having a drink if ‘you feel fine to drive’, and further research on bad driving habits picked up during lockdown revealed that 22% said they now steer one-handed, 12% confessed to getting easily distracted when driving, and 15% said they drive far too quickly.

Company drivers should be made fully aware of new regulations that have come into force since the pandemic, Nextbase advises, with one of the laws meaning it is illegal for anyone to pick up and use their mobile phone while driving. This also applies to scrolling through a playlist or using social media.

It does however also raise the question around using a mobile phone as a sat-nav, drivers must set the route before turning on their cars and turning on their engine. Setting a destination while driving could cost incur six penalty points and a £200 fine.

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