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Thousands Of Careless Drivers Still Use UK Roads

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

Do you know exactly how your drivers perform when they hit the road?

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) recently announced over 17,000 people were convicted of careless driving in the last 2 years. The IAM retrieved the figures from police forces across England and Wales during the period of August 2013 to August 2015.

The exact statistics reveal a total of 17,468 drivers who were convicted of hazardous or dangerous driving, an alarming number when you consider the amount of thoughtless people behind the wheel across the UK.

When you send one of your drivers to a job, if you don't have a fleet management system, you're completely in the dark with regards to their behaviour out on the road.

For some managers, once their staff leave the company premises, all control is lost.

Could you tell if each driver is speeding in real time, whether they're taking longer breaks than they should, pinpoint precisely where they are throughout the day or how long they spend with a customer?

Whether you organise a fleet of cars, lorries or trucks, your vehicles are expensive assets to your business. If you're unaware of how those assets are performing on the road, you are totally blind to one of the biggest operations in your business.

With IAM's discovery, there is proof that there are thousands of careless drivers on the roads today, and that's not counting the ones who slip through the authority's fingers and aren't detected.

That's why it is vital that businesses adopt ways to monitor driver behaviour once their vehicles leave company premises. The way your staff are driving can be significantly improved when you're able to track their performance.

Fleet tracking systems provide accurate data that you can use to address problems within your company.

Utilising the data provided by an intelligent tracking system allows you to improve the safety of your drivers, increase efficiency across your entire fleet, and ultimately maximise profits for your business.

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