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Teletrac Navman launches campaign to clear up the facts on Fleet Compliance

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Data Blocks

The job of managing a fleet is harder today than it’s ever been. The combination of more traffic, a decaying road network and the commercial pressure of fitting in one extra job per day makes driving for work a dangerous pastime.

So much so, that according to HSE, a quarter of all road traffic incidents may involve somebody who is driving as part of their work at the time. With headline grabbing figures like that, it’s little wonder that the various bodies with a say in reducing this figure are actively introducing new legislation, rules and offering advice to help businesses manage their road risk.

For a fleet manager, the abundance of laws and other rules laid out by HSE, DVSA, HMRC and DVLA means wading through and understanding huge amounts of information in order to stay legally compliant.

We recently carried out some customer research to determine if staying on top of compliance was causing an issue for fleet managers. The findings revealed a significant gap between perceived and actual levels of fleet compliance.

Peter Millichap, Director of Marketing at Teletrac Navman UK explains: “When we spoke to our customers, it was very clear that there was confusion about what a fleet manager needs to do to be legally compliant.

“That prompted us to engage with fleet compliance specialists Fleetcheck to see whether it was possible to slice through the complexity and find a way to make that available to fleet managers.

“That lead us to launch our fleet compliance campaign and today we’re calling on UK fleet operators to check whether their fleets really are legally compliant. To make it as easy as possible, fleet operators can download our interactive Fleet Compliance Checklist and within a few minutes will be able to see if they’re compliant or need to address any issues.”

The checklist covers vehicle, driver and organisational risk management. Download the checklist and check your fleet today.

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