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Teletrac Navman

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Rhodes Revolutionise Customer Service Via Teletrac Navman

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

Rhodes Freight Services have been a Teletrac Navman customer since 2014.

Based near Heathrow airport and with 20 years' experience they offer professional and appropriate transportation services.

The company works with a network of blue chip clients from across the UK and Europe and provides a specialist temperature controlled transport solution.

Rhodes have also invested heavily in the highest levels of temperature controlled systems and implemented a rigorous set of processes -- including a fleet management and temperature monitoring software from Teletrac Navman -- to help maintain the maximum level of customer service.

We spoke to the company's Transport Manager, Gary Willoughby, about how their working relationship with Teletrac Navman has evolved.

"We chose Navman because the system we were previously using wasn't delivering the type of results we needed.

"At Rhodes, we put a huge amount of emphasis on providing the best customer service in the industry, and this is something we've really been able to excel at in the past 12 months because the Navman system is so reliable.

"Our loads are of high value to the customer so, as you can imagine, they like to keep close tabs on where our vehicles are and the tracking system makes it incredibly easy to feed that information back."

Not only specialising in Telematics, Teletrac Navman also help companies to monitor the temperature of their vehicles and in 2014 they released their own Keep Your Cool Guide to help owners, operators, engineers and managers involved in the business of transporting temperature sensitive goods.

This was a big selling point for the decision makers at Rhodes.

"Being able to monitor the temperature of our vehicles is also another reason why we chose Teletrac Navman.

"We deal with the transportation of vegetables so we wanted something that enables real-time remote data capture from temperature monitoring devices."

He continued:

"We find that the system on offer from maximises fleet efficiency and simplifies our records, whilst ensuring temperature controlled goods are delivered to customers on time and in a decent condition.

"If the temperature in our vehicles crosses a high or low threshold, or if a temperature deviates from a designated value, we get an alert that allows us to identify and take steps to rectify the situation.

"The technology has been a huge help and it means we can continue to provide the first-class service that we're all very proud of here at Rhodes!"

Click here for a FREE demo of a Teletrac Navman fleet management system and see how you can improve customer service today.

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