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Rental vehicle hires see spike in demand amidst UK lock down

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For businesses such as Pharmacies, couriers and cleaning firms, the need to suddenly upscale their fleets seems to be the only option to ensure they meet increased demand.


"We are facing continued economic uncertainty as the spread of the COVID-19 is presenting unprecedented challenges for businesses and communities up and down the country, highlighting the need for businesses to remain flexible, agile and adaptable,” comments David Brennan, CEO of Nexus Vehicle Rental.

"We understand this rapidly evolving situation is putting greater pressure on businesses and authorities to ensure operations run smoothly. Retailers, logistics companies, utilities businesses, local authorities and emergency services are experiencing an urgent need for access to on-demand mobility supply networks to serve distributed workforces, communities and consumers in remote locations."

However, for those companies that face no choice other than to drastically upscale their fleets quickly, whilst keeping costs under control at the same time, there is one solution that seems to fit the bill perfectly: short term hire vehicles.  

Having the ability to bring on board additional vehicles to a fleet in short notice, and with no long-term contract commitments allows businesses to react quickly and efficiently to the changing demand.

Rod Lloyd, managing director of commercial vehicle hire firm Low Cost Vans, said: “These are unprecedented times for the UK economy but the fact is that many businesses have to keep moving. From certain sectors, the number of inquiries we are getting has doubled or even tripled. Cleaning companies, couriers and pharmacies are inundated with additional work.

“Speaking to these customers, they are telling us that their main objective is helping the UK through some tough months ahead. But they are often struggling to get supplies and personnel in the right places at the right times to make a difference. For many of them, we have been able to get extra vehicles in place quickly and efficiently, which will also hopefully make a positive difference."

Over the coming weeks and months, it’s thought by the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) that the vehicle rental and hire industry will play an imperative role in maintaining the UK supply chain, with the movement of goods and services during the COVID-19 outbreak being absolutely essential.

Based on this, the spike in rental and hire vehicles is sure to only increase.


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