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Lorry Drivers Frustrated By A Lack Of Healthy Options

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Lorry drivers across the United Kingdom have told the RAC that they’re frustrated by a lack of healthy options available on Britain’s roads.

Interestingly, lorry drivers listed a lack of access to healthy snacks above a poor standard of overnight facilities and ‘middle-lane hangers' as their biggest grievance.

The news comes after research by Morrison’s recently found that nearly one-in-three truckers were obese.

RAC Truck Rescue spokesman Matt Dallaway believes that things are slowly getting better for those who frequently brave Britain’s busiest roads, but a lot can still be done. He said, “The haulage sector industry has struggled with concerns over the health of its workforce, so it’s really encouraging to see this shift in attitude, but the facilities need to be there to cater for those looking for a healthy option.”

It can be difficult for drivers who want to guarantee that they’re getting the right nutrition, however, planning ahead is critical for implementing a positive diet. There isn’t a lot drivers can do about the lack of healthily options at services stations, but by taking easy-to-prepare food with them when they leave the depot, life can be much easier.

Here are five suggestions for healthy snacks that are easy to prepare and ready to go when you are:

  • Cottage cheese and crackers with an apple.
  • Brie and jam on brown bread with a pear.
  • Carrot and celery sticks with hummus and a banana.
  • Beef jerky (although a little pricey, jerky is overflowing with healthy protein).
  • Pita bread with hummus, cucumber, feta, and shredded lettuce.

Of course, there’s no silver bullet, and being disciplined is key, but until the roadside situation changes the best advice is to plan ahead.

There has been much written about the impact of nutrition on fatigue and mood, and with both factors impacting driver behaviour, we are interested to hear what people are eating to stay healthy and safe on the road.

*RAC survey findings published on Commercial Fleet

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