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How GPS Vehicle Tracking Can Save The Environment And Help Lower Business Costs

With increasing legislation and more importance being placed on lowering emissions, every business now has a major responsibility to make strides towards becoming more eco-friendly! Thankfully, taking a responsible approach to your carbon footprint can also make your business more profitable.
Once a tracking solution has been installed, you’ll be able to take more control over idling, speeding, and other inefficient driving that wastes fuel and produces excessive CO2 emissions.
One of our customers, Marcus Farmer, Managing Director at STE Waste, recently told us about how he has achieved both objectives with the help of our telematics solution.
“In this climate, where the cost of running a vehicle is high, being green is about getting miles down. This is what being sustainable means to small and medium sized fleets.”
“Reducing unnecessary waste can trim operating costs for a business and decrease mileage, saving both time and money. The Teletrac Navman solution is cost-effective and offers a rapid return on investment.”
Those companies already using this technology have access to knowledge of the most effective routes which means fleets massively reduce the greenhouse gases they emit and drivers can efficiently get from one place to another in the most productive way.
Implementing tracking technology can help identify damaging behaviours such as idling, speeding and harsh acceleration. Having clear and concise information can help fleet managers rectify these issues, reduce fuel consumption and CO2 output.
Telematics can deliver specific CO2 reports for each vehicle in your fleet. Managers are able to view fuel usage and CO2 emissions whilst drilling down on fuel efficiency.
Being able to monitor fuel consumption and CO2 emission trends through the Dynamic Dashboard can help management in their case to reduce CO2 emissions.
CO2_REPORTHaving access to the data above can also give your business a PR boost. If you’re doing your best to save the environment, let the world know about.
Interested in what telematics can do for your business? Click here to get a quote on a Teletrac Navman tracking system. 

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