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How Can Dash Cams Benefit Your Fleet?

Data Blocks
Data Blocks
Dash cams (or in-cab cameras as they're also known) are nothing new, they've now been around for over 10 years. However, the technology behind them has progressed in leaps and bounds and thankfully the market offers some of the most advanced camera equipment for fleets to improve the safety of their drivers.
If you're not familiar with dash cams, they provide a whole host of benefits to fleet managers. Utilised alongside telematics, they're a crucial piece of the puzzle when it comes improving driver behaviour and reducing incidents on the road.
Offers proof against fraudulent accident claims
Back in 2007, HGVs were hit by a flood of 'cash for crash' claims and a trend then began to sweep the logistics industry. Fraudulent accident claims were at an all-time high and unfortunately businesses were the ones who felt the costly consequences.
Of course, when companies invest effort and money into a robust risk management strategy, the likelihood of accidents are limited. However, if one does occur and a business vehicle is involved, it really all boils down to a 'your word against mine' situation.
This is where dash cams add value. By getting footage from the scene, management have an insight into what really happened and can therefore successfully combat accusations of any wrong-doing. In simple terms, exposure to fraudulent third party negligence can be reduced with undeniable evidence captured from camera technology.
Slash your insurance premiums
The insurance industry believes that 14% of all road traffic accidents are fraudulent. When the settlement figures for accidents involving HGVs are reviewed, they equate to £11,000 on average which can be a considerable blow to business profits.
By taking a pro-active approach, fleet managers can use in-cab cameras to analyse every accident and understand the root causes. With this understanding, businesses can improve their risk management and provide proof to the insurance companies that they are implementing the procedures that better manage risk.
The insurance industry actively promotes the use of dash cams and this is why the logistics industry has started to embrace technology.
Increased awareness fosters better driver behaviour
Distracted drivers are one of the biggest causes for road traffic accidents in the UK. According to some estimates, 1.6 million accidents every year are the result of distracted drivers.
You don't need us to tell you that when a driver is not giving 100% attention it can lead to accidents and big costs for vehicle assets. However, these cameras help management to identify who adopts bad habits, so the driver can be coached on how to improve their skills. We accept that drivers may not be keen on being filmed at work, but there's no doubt that knowing they are being recorded has a positive impact on performance.
By improving driver behaviour, the obvious benefits manifest in reduced fuel costs and less vehicle maintenance. This is reported to equate in a cost saving of up to 12%.
Ultimately, camera technology offers a tried and tested tool for reducing operating costs and improving safety. 

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