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Fleet Management Software: Looking To The Future

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With the rapid proliferation of new technologies continually emerging on to the market, it can be difficult to get a handle on how fleet management software will look in only a few years' time. The fleet industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace, and for even the most seasoned observer, keeping your finger on the pulse is a real challenge.

Mere guesswork is one thing, but that's no substitute for informed analysis. And this is precisely what Teletrac Navman has provided with a new expert analysis which not only offers us an overview of the best of what fleet management has to offer today but also provides real insight into what its not-too-distant future might hold.

Environmental concerns: a game changer?

The report notes that fleet managers must deal with environmental concerns and put in place measures to make their fleets more eco-friendly and efficient. Many fleets have already adopted new types of vehicles, including hybrid trucks and vans. Some firms are even going off-road for deliveries, while rail transport is also enjoying something of a comeback as firms look to reduce emissions. The report goes into detail on how fleets are adapting to environmental concerns, both through diversification and the adoption of new technologies.

Technology: continued innovation

While there's a massive amount of media hype surrounding autonomous vehicles, our analysis observes that the technology remains a somewhat distant prospect. One recent advance featured in the report is UPS' adoption of e-tricycles in Hamburg. The report also notes the revolution in consumer expectations. With the rise of online shopping, we've come to expect our purchases to be with us rapidly. This is already having complex implications for both asset management and road traffic, and our analysis looks at how technology is being used to meet these changed needs.

Road safety and insurance

The recent increase in the Ogden rate is set to have a noticeable knock-on effect on fleet insurance premiums, with compensation for life-changing injuries increasing. Our report points out, however, that technological advances could be key to keeping those premiums down over the next few years. However, our exclusive analysis warns, fleet operators must be able to demonstrate that they're making effective use of GPS fleet tracking to reduce premiums.

Dash cams have been widely adopted by fleets in recent years, while other technologies - including Direct Vision Standard (DVS) systems - are also helping to enhance in-cab vision and road safety. Our report looks at what fleet managers can do to successfully introduce and most importantly how to integrate these technologies.

Find out exactly what's on the cards for fleet management in 2017 and beyond. Teletrac Navman's new report on the future of fleet management is available to download here.

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