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3 Benefits You Can't Achieve Without GPS Fleet Tracking

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

Telematics is unfortunately no longer a luxury addition. The ability to instantly locate vehicles and then give factual reporting information back to customers is now something many have come to expect. If you run a business and have jurisdiction over a fleet of vehicles, the more information you can offer to your customers, the better your customer service will be. 

However, there are other things that just can't be achieved without fleet tracking, so keep on reading to find out more:

  1. Reducing Unauthorised Vehicle Usage

Without vehicle tracking, managers don't know when drivers are using vehicles. The accountability provided through GPS fleet tracking is essential for ensuring that vehicles are only used for authorised use. Not only does this limit costs by minimising wear and tear, it also reduces fuel consumption. As you'll probably be aware, if a staff member uses a vehicle outside of work and causes an accident the consequences from an insurance stand-point can also be huge.

  1. Reducing Costs

Investing in Telematics gives business owners and managers the ability to specifically measure the fuel usage of a vehicle. It doesn't matter if the price of fuel is at £1, £1.50 or £2 a litre, the percentage of savings a business who invests in GPS tracking technology can make are always significant. Having the ability to discover how vehicles are driven can be a huge help in reducing overall running costs.

  1. Improving Fleet Safety

No matter how carefully a company screens employees, unsafe driving practices can still occur. Managing employee behaviour to improve safety is also a benefit of fleet tracking. Driving too quickly, harsh braking and poor RPM put a businesses profits at risk. With GPS fleet tracking management can eliminate many of these actions and protect the overall safety of a fleet.

To find out more about GPS fleet tracking and how a Teletrac Navman system can benefit your business, click here.

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