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Teletrac Navman

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Asset Tracking Sensors


Anything and everything you want to track 

Teletrac Navman track all your assets and vehicles in one system

Our Asset Tracking Sensors are small GPS units, ideal for keeping track of non-powered assets assets such as containers, generators, skip bins, tools and construction equipment


What is an equipment management system?

Self-install units allowing you to track all your assets in one place

What are asset tracking sensors?


  • Battery powered solution to tracking all assets 
  • No need for multiple systems
  • Utilises the latest generation IoT networks
  • Self-install in seconds 
  • Manageable solution able to support high volumes of devices

Benefits of asset tracking


  • Find assets when you need them - on your smartphone
  • Track everything all in one system
  • Know what assets you have and where they are
  • Understand who is using an asset and for what
  • Prevent theft and recover lost or stolen assets

Asset Tracking Sensors Explained 

See it all in one system

What's the difference between the ATS1 and ATS2?

Rugged and waterproof in IP67 rated housing, the ATS1 and ATS2 are discrete and highly durable.

They both suit a wide range of asset types and sizes, are highly cost efficient and allow you to track all of your assets in one system. A few key differences between them are:

  • ATS1 has a built in battery meter 
  • ATS2 is matchbox size, smaller than the ATS1
  • ATS1 best suits larger assets such as generators, containers, and other transportable assets
  • ATS2 best suits to light equipment, tools and hand-portable assets
Variable Update Profiles

Using the latest IoT (Internet of Things) networks, our Asset Trackers provide years of reliable location tracking and cost effective asset management.

They feature excellent power conservation and area coverage coupled with optimised data bandwidth and speed, providing the best balance of cost and performance. 

The ATS1 and ATS2 also provide four updates in 12 and 24 hour intervals. This will include one update every 12 hours and one update every 24 hours, as well as an update every 12 hours should the device move more than 200 metres, and the same at every 24 hours. The device will then additionally update every 30 minutes until it's stationary for more than 5 minutes.

Set-up in seconds

The ATS1 and ATS2 make managing your assets easy. 

They can both be self-installed in seconds, and then you're able to report on equipment location, activity and utilisation by site. You can define job sites through GPS geofences and receive alerts on equipment events such as movement from sites after hours indicating potential theft.

Now you can see all your vehicles, machinery, generators and other critical assets together in one system, meaning you can run your business with confidence and accelerate your productivity.

Reach out to us to find out more about our ATS1 and ATS2 sensors; our team can help determine which best suits your business needs. It may even be a combination of both!


Your Success 

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Your Success 570X440

Teletrac Navman’s solution has been so beneficial to us, as we’ve now got 100% visibility of each vehicle, which has provided us with a full picture into the safety and performance of our fleet

- New Milton Sand & Ballast Co.

The ongoing support of the Teletrac Navman Professional Services has helped ensure we are able to get the greatest possible return on our investment with their careful planning and support

- Highland Surfacing and Contracting Ltd

Teletrac Navman has been the cornerstone of our digital transformation. Costs are everything in our industry, so being able to provide the level of detail we now can has been key to us building long-term contracts

- Leedale


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