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The Driving Doctor

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

Multi-award winning proposition 


Based on telematics data capture, The Driving Doctor’s® multi-award-winning proposition provides intelligent, data-driven driver behaviour solutions for all drivers to become considerably safer.

Focussed on LCV and car drivers, our expert coaching and feedback, significantly lower accident claims and crash causation by identifying, addressing and eradicating high-risk behaviour. Its interactive, educational and gamification-themed expert content underpins its ground-breaking proposition and provides a proven way of managing and improving driver safety, fleet compliance and road risk management strategies that permit significant ROI.

Driver safety experience 


The Driving Doctor® was developed by the multi award-winning, driver safety guru Paul Ripley, to digitally solve the driver behaviour and safety challenges, that have historically been impossible to achieve with the use of costly and infrequent traditional driver training.

Paul’s four decades of driver safety experience and unparalleled qualifications, allows The Driving Doctor® to provide the missing link in the telematics value chain, by greatly enhancing the value and usage of telematics through real time data analysis and expert driver safety feedback.

Educational and positive engagement 


Modifying driver behaviour is the single most important factor when attempting to manage, reduce and mitigate driver risk. The Driving Doctor® works on many levels - awareness, knowledge, and skill and in a pioneering industry first, includes the important human factors of controlling attitudes, behaviours and emotions.

The Driving Doctor® employs the latest educational psychology and philosophy to deliver its vast array of behavioural modification messaging and training campaigns. The Driving Doctor’s® perpetual, positive engagement with each driver results in long-term changes in unsafe driving behaviour.



This 12-month Case Study was performed with one of The Driving Doctor’s® early adopters, CASS (Cable and Splicing Services)

CASS, like so many other organisations had access to their driver’s behavioural data from their telematics units but could not find the secret to unlocking the potential of that data, in order to achieve lasting changes in their driver risk management and individual driver profiles.

CASS recognised that the Driving Doctor’s® innovative platform could help rectify and enhance the behaviours, attitudes and skill sets of their drivers, leading to safer driving and support their risk management goals and strategies.