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Teletrac Navman

Equipment Management Software

All of your field equipment managed in a single application.

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Data Blocks

Digitise Equipment Management

Mixed asset management technology for effective equipment use.

Full visibility into asset location, performance and utilisation lets you reduce costs and helps ensure jobs finish on time and on budget.

Service And Specialty Software 1017X601 (1)

Platform Features

An all-in-one equipment management solution.

Business Intelligence Equipment 570X543

Business Intelligence

With powerful GPS location tracking for both powered and non-powered assets, fuel use and maintenance monitoring, and geofence capabilities around job sites, you’ll always know if your assets are where they’re supposed to be and if they’re performing at peak efficiency.

  • Instantly track equipment, vehicles, and other assets via real-time GPS.
  • Assess utilisation data to place the right equipment at the right location and avoid equipment hoarding.
  • Reduce costs and minimise downtime with data-driven decisions.

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Safety Compliance Equipment 570X543

Safety & Compliance

Never wonder whether your equipment is being operated safely and in line with compliance requirements. Centralise record keeping, simplify audits, and ensure consistent safety and compliance. One central equipment management platform gives you real-time diagnostics, operator behaviour monitoring, and robust training capabilities.

  • Benchmark safe operator and driver performance with scorecards.
  • Get alerts and record information about unsafe operations in real-time.
  • Automate Tachograph hour recording for over-the-road vehicles.

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Inspections Overview 570X543

Maintenance & Inspections

Keep your business profitable and your assets working at peak performance levels with our advanced fleet maintenance modules. Reduce equipment downtime with real-time alerts, reminders, and diagnostic reports within your asset and equipment management solution.

  • Monitor idling and excessive fuel burn with easy-to-read reports and alerts.
  • Schedule recurring preventative maintenance.
  • Keep auditable records of inspections and field updates.

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Jobsite Management 570X543

Jobsite Management

Whether you’re managing a large-scale development or several fast-moving projects, you need the full picture of your equipment and asset performance. Keep projects on time and on budget with all the resources needed to get the job done.

  • Cost tracking lets you manage spend and keep jobs on budget.
  • Active vs. idle information highlights what equipment is currently in use and what is not, for effective equipment allocation.
  • Geofencing lets you know when equipment, tools or employees enter or exit a specified location.

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Equipment Utilisation 570X543 (1)

Total Cost of Ownership

As your equipment ages, make intelligent decisions about when to repair or retire old equipment, and whether to buy or rent new equipment. Monitor equipment usage, understand wear tear, and reduce unnecessary fuel burn with intelligent performance and cost data.

  • Track maintenance events and cost of parts and repairs.
  • Reduce unplanned maintenance with preventative maintenance schedules.
  • Track idle time, engine performance, and fuel purchases to reduce costs.

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Assettrackingsensors 570X543

Asset Tracking Sensors

Our Asset Tracking Sensors are small GPS units, which use the latest IoT (Internet of Things) networks, and they’re ideal for keeping track of non-powered assets such as containers, generators, skip bins, tools and construction equipment.

Our ATS1 device can both be self-installed in seconds, and then you're able to report on equipment location, activity and utilisation by site. You can also define job sites through GPS geofences and receive alerts on equipment events such as movement from sites after hours indicating potential theft.

Now you can see all your vehicles, machinery, generators and other critical assets together in one system, meaning you can run your business with confidence and accelerate your productivity.

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Find the perfect equipment management platform

Our range of solutions can meet your business needs now and grow with you in to the future

Heavy Equipment Tracking
Maximise equipment utilisation

Visibility into heavy equipment location, utilisation and maintenance. Power your business with equipment analytics.

  • Jobsite management
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Safety and compliance
  • Asset utilsation
  • AEMP integration
  • IP67 rated hardware
Complete Asset Management
All in one asset visibility

All of your field equipment managed in a single application. Heavy equipment, light assets and tools. Manage your world.

  • Advance GPS tracking
  • Complete projects on time
  • Minimise site downtime
  • Accurately track fuel spend
  • QR Code inventory management
  • Battery powered tracking
Digital Jobsite Transformation
Built to your unique needs

Customisable solution built for your business. Flexible needs based on our enterprise grade platform.

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Professional services support
  • Custom integrations
  • 1000+ assets with complex needs


Powerful equipment management tools

INVENT~1 (1)

Connect all your heavy equipment and mobile assets in one system. Link various vendor systems and performance tools in one dashboard to have visibility into your entire equipment inventory.

Maintenance Equipment Management Software 650X365

Schedule preventative maintenance for each asset and get alerts when it’s time to visit the mechanic. Real-time diagnostics with colour-coded warnings let you manage repairs and reduce unexpected downtime before it happens.

Geofence Equipment Management Software 650X365

Mark GPS boundaries around a site or warehouse to track arrivals and departures, unauthorised movement, and operator behaviours on and around sites. Export and share geofence reports for accounting, payroll, training, and compliance.

ASSETU~1 (1)

Ensure that your owned and hired assets are working hard and reduce on-site equipment hoarding with asset utilisation reports. Identify where equipment is going to be best used across sites and reduce your rental and hire expenses.



Everything you need to keep your fleet moving smoothly

Teletrac Navman hardware is easy to install and use in all your equipment.

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Easily pull data from your existing hardware into our platform

Managed Install Hardware 255X140 (2)

Managed Install

Hard-wired, tamper resistant devices for your most valuable assets

Ruggedized Hardware 255X140 (1)


IP67 rated for hard-working equipment and long hauls

Battery Solar Powered Hardware 255X140 (1)

Battery & Solar Powered

GPS tracking for non-powered assets

Your Success 

Intelligent support every step of the way

Software alone isn’t the answer. Leverage our professional services for added training, customer support, and more to ensure you get even more value out of your software.

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Your Success 570X440

Since we installed the software we know where our equipment is up to the minute. We can now give our customers real time information about their deliveries which also enables us to be more efficient and plan more effectively to meet our customers needs.

- Transportation Services International (TSI)

Our CEO is a huge believer. He's been in business long enough to know the safety, performance and accountability benefits of the Teletrac Navman platform.

- United Road Towing

What really pushes you to telematics is the data. The data you can gather is just amazing.


- Sherwood Construction


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