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Fleet Productivity 

The tools you need to answer your biggest productivity questions

Empower your team with the information to make well informed decisions and get remote resources working in harmony with the back office. Discover new ways to increase efficiency and ensure that your business is running at full throttle.

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“Since using the Teletrac Navman system we have reviewed how we work and introduced new procedures and resources that have led to productivity improvements.” - Ian Jarvis, Financial Controller, Canal & River Trust.

Instant Visibility

DIRECTOR’s clean, expansive and mobile interface makes hidden data instantly available in the office and on the road. Inform your team with live access to vehicle location, driver status and daily activity information to achieve peak performance with an empowered workforce. 

  • New user interface - access fleet data fast.
  • Instantly share key information with your team.
  • Empower your business and ehnace fleet operations.

Live Site Alerts

Customise mapping for your business and know when any of your vehicles enter or exit a specific geographical location. Get instant alerts and make sure that your business and customers are always informed.

  • Customise to meet your needs.
  • Know when your vehicles enter or leave a specific location.
  • Understand what activities take place.

PTO Activity Monitoring

Optimise business workflow by understanding every step of service delivery. Monitor all vehicle-related activity and know when, where and the time taken to complete tasks in the field.

  • Monitor how, when and where vehicle activities take place
  • Fully integrated reporting with DIRECTOR.
  • Set exception rules and enhance reports.

Timesheet Management

Spend more time adding value to your customers and not calculating timesheets with DIRECTOR’s automated timesheet reporting.  Wave goodbye to the tedium of timesheet management and get a smart view of the hours your staff have worked.

  • Get automated time reports.
  • Get an accurate view of time your team has worked.
  • Add more value for your customers.

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