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DIRECTOR’s map allows dispatchers to find the closest drivers to a particular location, filtered by vehicle type and availability. Users can then send a route directly to a driver’s in-vehicle tablet, complete with verbal, turn-by-turn directions. DIRECTOR’s routing capabilities include:

  • Live traffic updates
  • Two-way messaging
  • Hours of Service status updates

Customisable Form Messages

Form messages provide the step-by-step instructions necessary for complex jobs. They can contain job numbers, addresses, and customer names, as well as fields for drivers to complete. Form messages can integrate with back-end systems to reflect needs outside of dispatching, including vehicle inspections and time carding. Potential uses for form messages are:

  • Capturing signatures
  • Job invoices
  • Record-keeping for completed work

Proof of Delivery

Drivers can send their own preset form message back to dispatch upon job completion, signaling proof of delivery. All forms are linked with job numbers for easy tracking. Each form is also stamped with time and location, creating a sustainable framework for accountability.

Vehicle Usage Reports

DIRECTOR’s vehicle usage reports point out potential inefficiencies in dispatch and job assignments. They help drive constant improvement, cutting out the lost time and wasted fuel. Reports can be run on-demand or automated every day, week, or month. Report information includes:

  • Planned vs. actual time for arrival, departure and duration
  • Stops and locations per vehicle per day
  • Fuel used on a driver or vehicle basis

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